How To Recreate Your $$$ Workout At Home

How To Recreate Your $$$ Workout At Home

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Hands up :raising_hand: if you’ve ever gotten real sweaty at some new age, cult-y, totally amazing workout class. Yeah, obviously we have too. We’ll be honest, we’ve even been known to spend many a 6 AM session in the gym in lieu of pulling the trigger on that archival exotic skin Hermès Constance we’ve been eyeing since we spotted it on Vestiaire Collective a few months back. And, okay, maybe bail on that kind of pricy dinner we had planned with our old college roommate, too (whoops). 

What can we say? When we find something we love, we kind of stick to it. That’s exactly the case with Studio Lagree, which is sort of like Pilates, but on crack—think high intensity, but slow movements that target the core and muscles you probably never knew you had. But since we’re occasionally for saving our :dollar:, instructor Laurie Campbell demo’d how to replicate her insanely hard megaformer movements in our living rooms with just a few towels. Now for the Hermès...


The Escalator Lunge

with a Carriage Kick Hold


TARGETS: Front and back of the leg and glutes (bum!)


On the megaformer

"Even when you are doing lower body movements, you are always working your core as the machine forces your body to stabilize and find balance. 

Everything that we do on the Megaformer is done in a very controlled slow motion. We work muscles to effective failure which means enough repetitions or time until the movement can no longer be performed correctly."



"Start with your feet on towels or Gliders, standing with feet together and hands on hips.

As you inhale, slowly push your left leg (foot on the towel) back as you bend your right leg to a 90 degree lunge (or however deep your flexibility will allow). Pause when you are at your maximum range. Activating your right hamstring, start to exhale and pull up on your right leg to pull the left foot back in to standing. 

Repeat for 2 minutes."

TIPS: "Keep your navel tight to your spine, hips bones up and pointing straight forward, back leg straight and shoulders back and head upright.

After you have repeated for 2 minutes on the same leg, pause in the deepest range of your motion. With an exhale, drag your left foot in until your left knee is bent in towards the right calf. Keep your right leg bent at 90 degrees throughout the entire movement. Keep repeating extending and bending the left leg while not moving your right leg. Do this for 60 seconds.

Hold the left leg all the way out in a lunge, right leg will be bent at 90 degrees. Take your left hand down to the floor beside your right foot. Twist your torso and right hand up to the sky. Really use your breath to extend yourself open to the sky. Inhale as you move into it and exhale to deepen. Stay in the movement for 5 deep breaths. 

Take your right hand to the floor after your last breath (it should end up beside your right foot) and step your right foot back so you end up in a plank position with you right and left feet now on towels or gliders. Hold the plank position for 30 seconds.

With an inhale bring your feet in by dragging on the towels until your knees are under your hips at 90 degrees. Your back should end up in a table top position. It should take you 4 seconds to bring your knees in and 4 seconds to extend back to plank. Keep repeating this in and out movement for 60 seconds." 




with Plank to Pike


TARGETS: Full body with emphasis on arms, back and shoulders and the core

 On the megaformer

"It is a full body sequence that targets the arms, back, shoulders and the core."

At Home

"Start with your feet hip-width apart on two towels. Do three deep squats. On the last squat, as you inhale, take your hands to the ground and extend your feet out into a plank position.
From plank, exhale and bring your feet (on towels) to your hands so that your bum is up in an extended position to the sky. Repeat this movement three times. Taking four seconds to extend out and four seconds to bring the feet in.

Repeat the entire sequence for 3 minutes."

TIPS: "Keep your knees aligned when squatting and make sure your weight is in your heels.

Keep your navel in and back straight. Keep your hands flat in the plank, shoulders back and shoulders over your wrists.

For extra work add a push up when you return to the plank movement and you can add a jump squat to the squats but watch that the towels don’t move."





TARGETS: Abs, arms, back and shoulders


On the Megaformer

"This move is felt very quickly and tones the abdominals, arms, back and shoulders."


At Home

"Start kneeling with your hands on towels or gliders. Extend out to a modified plank until your body is in one solid line from the crown of your head all the way to your knees. Keeping your tailbone slightly tucked under and your navel pulled tight to your spine, inhale as you push your hands away from your body. Extend out as far as you can or until you feel your abdominals engage. Make sure you do not go so far that you cannot pull yourself back in. Pause in the extended position for a moment. With an exhale, pull your arms back in until your hands line up under your shoulders. Try and keep your arms as straight as you can the entire movement.

Repeat the movement for 1 minute for three rounds."

TIPS: "Make sure you do this movement slowly—it should take you four counts to extend out, two counts pause and four counts to return to neutral. Your pelvis should not go up and down; the only movement is in the arms and shoulders. If you experience lower back pain, take your knees wider and cross your ankles. To advance the movement try it from your toes or keep your knees together."


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