Lindy Klim

Lindy Klim

Balinese Princess; Co-Founder, Milk & Co.

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Renée Rodenkirchen
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

We’ve met and photographed some pretty interesting and extraordinary people in our time: supermodels, Parisian designers, prolific fashion editors, actors, you can pretty much name it. But royalty? That’s pretty special—we mean, even we have visions of diamond tiaras and epic formalwear. But all of our preconceived princess stereotypes were, well, pretty shaken when we met Lindy Klim. Her business card should probably read, ‘Not your average princess’ or something.

We’ll explain. For starters, we met Klim in Sydney—not exactly an Old Morld, monarchic hotbed—where she was born. But here’s the bigger twist; Klim is a Balinese princess, and while she was born in Australia, she now lives in a beautiful house on an Indonesian beach with her Olympic swimmer husband and their three children. (The image you currently have in your head of, ahem, a dream life scenario probably isn’t far off from Klim’s reality.) What’s more, the woman owns a skincare company, Milk & Co., with the kind of luxurious, coconut oil-and-aloe-vera-infused products that make us want to throw out the contents of our beauty cabinet and start all over again.

And when we got to Klim’s hotel room (she was in town, like us, for fashion week), we realized that she doesn’t really ascribe to any of those typical, somewhat uptight royalty rules. Take that all-floral-printed-everything motif, for example; Klim’s more the super sophisticated, sleek and chic all-black-everything type—punctuated by bright pink leopard stilettos, that is. Or the whole keeping one’s hem below the knees; we mean, it wasn’t long before Klim was posing in a lacey lingerie set. Let’s just say that by the end of the shoot, we were raiding her mini bar and drinking our third round of room service mojitos. Our kind of princess.