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How to Look Awake in 60 Seconds

Who has time for R&R anyway?

How to Look Awake in 60 Seconds

You're busy. Us too. From that simple notion comes our new series: How to [insert impossible-seeming task here] in 60 Seconds. Because everyone has at least one minute, right? Read on for tips and tricks on how to achieve just about anything in a hot minute. 

Between the regular run of meetings, lunches, conference calls and deadlines, the incessant notifications coming into our bedfellow buzzing phones, Netflix-athons, and our occasional insomnia (ß likely a byproduct of the Netflix, let’s be honest), that elusive REM sleep is well, as elusive as ever. At this point we pretty much consider blinking to be the equivalent of tiny little naps (okay, so that's the saddest way to look at your day ever, but it's kinda-sorta true). Here’s the thing (and we're guessing you guys are in a similar boat): we don’t really make plans to sleep (guys, the interweb is just so distracting). And while we’re not so convinced our bodies will ever get used to continuously interrupted snoozing, we’d like to think there are a few things we can do to at least look alive.

More often than not, 3 shots of espresso takes care of our energy levels on the inside but it’s our bloodshot dark-circled eyes and sleep-deprived skin that give us away every damn time. And because getting ourselves out of bed at 7 AM is kind of a requisite, we figured we should find a way to mask, or better yet, cure (for a little while anyways) our lack of Zs in a minute flat. Time is precious, friends.

That’s where Gina Daddona comes in—because who better to give us fresh faces than a makeup artist who’s worked on (what we can only assume is the sleepless skin of) everyone from Lindsay Ellingson to Olivia Palermo. Here's how to wakey-wakey.


Water isn't just for drinking

Yes, water is crucial to functioning, but in addition to drinking the stuff, Daddona recommends, “spritzing your face with rosewater mist or splashing your face with cool water” to revive your skin.


Get creative with cutlery

“Apply cold spoons from the freezer over your eyes.” It’s an oldie but a goodie.


Moisturize STAT

“Apply light serum or moisturizer to your eye area and face.” It’s all about hydration, kids. Glowing skin = 8 hour fake-out.



“Pinch your cheeks to add color.” No time to whip out your cheek stain? Just use your fingers to add a natural flush.


Up your brow game

“Brush your eyebrows up with a spoolie brush.” Groomed brows frame the entire face—make sure they're on their best behavior.


Brighten up

“Apply a small application of brightener or concealer to the inner corner of your eye.” A smidge of highlighter goes a long way. It’ll open up your eyes and cover up dark circles.

-Illustration by Meghann Stephenson
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