5 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Supermodel

5 Ways to Start Your Day Like a Supermodel

How to make the most out of that first hour… even if you’re not a morning person.

If you’re like us, you’ve tried the #IWokeUpLikeThis selfie, only to find out that no amount of Facetune will form a Karlie-Kloss-level halo around your bedhead. Our morning routine usually consists of double shots of espresso, a haphazard topknot and throwing on our go-to Acne shift–but we’re definitely doing it wrong, ‘cause rested and rejuvenated is not how we feel, even if we actually do get 8 hours. And as we head into a hectic fashion week-filled month of back-to-back shows and early morning deadlines (the thought alone makes us want to hit the ‘snooze’ button), frazzled mornings and the subsequent unraveled day become, well, all the more likely.

Here’s the thing, the Karlies of the world seem to do it so effortlessly, and while they’re obviously genetically blessed, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t something else to it. Something like modelFIT’s Vanessa Packer who, along with her savvy, woman-on-the-run nutritional advice, has a morning routine worth looking into. Herein, Packer’s tips on how to rise and actually shine (actually!).

The modelFIT Morning Routine



“I like to start my morning with 20 minutes of meditation. Even if you don’t have time, five minutes of breathing before you get out of bed will let your mind adjust to the morning.”



“I always keep a big glass of water by the bed and drinking it after my meditation. When you’re getting out of a deep sleep your body is really dehydrated and craves fluid, so it’s really important to drink right when you get up. I also heat up some water and add in lemon to kick start my metabolism and for some vitamin C.”


Dry Brush

“Dry brushing is really amazing and energizing. It gets the blood flowing and the lymphatic system going, and with the water you’re drinking, helps flush out any toxins that accumulate during the repair process while you’re sleeping.”


Cold Rinse

“If you’re having a hot shower, finish off with a cold rinse. The shot of cold water is great for your hair, making it super shiny and helps it grow. It’s also great for rejuvenating and wakes up your entire body.



“Stretching in the morning can really help warm up the spine and loosen your muscles to add a little pep in your step. It’s amazing how it wakes you up — you almost don’t need caffeine.”

modelFit Stretches

The Lengthening Stretch

In a comfortable stance, legs hip-width apart and knees slightly bent, move your right hand up in the air and your right leg directly behind you. Keep your foot flat on the ground and stretch up through your extended hand. Go back to your starting position and let your hand come down to your side, making sure your shins are straight. Repeat 12 times on the same side, each time extending up and out of the hip, really stretching the body your right side. Repeat on the left side.

The Twist Side Stretch

Extend arms up in front of you with palms facing chest level (sort of in a hug position, but not as wide). With your legs hip-width apart, rotate to the right. At the same time as your rotation, stretch your left foot to the side, keeping your heel flat on the ground, getting a really good stretch through your left side. Rotate back the center and do the opposite side. Repeat the entire sequence 12 times.

The Ab Stretch

While standing hip-width apart, place your right foot behind your left foot, at a diagonal. Extend your right hand over your head and behind your left shoulder, so it’s stretching your front and abdominal area (just enough so that your back foot is flat on the ground). Then, go back to original position and repeat on left side.

The 45 Degree Hip Stretch

With your right hand is up in the air and your left leg diagonally behind your right foot, rotate 45 degrees to the right for a great hip stretch. Take your time with this one.

Illustration by Meghann Stephenson
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