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What Nutritionists Really Eat in a Day

We ask 5 nutritionists what's really on their daily menu.

What Nutritionists Really Eat in a Day
We get it. The confusion of navigating health trends these days can bring you to tears. We too have been chugging charcoal-laced juices to soak up all the Veuve from nights previous and loading up on supplements so that we can look like Karlie Kloss by tomorrow morning. We’ve even considered cutting out sugar—like, completely.

But for every action (often in the form of a new supplement or cleanse), there's an equal and opposite reaction—usually serious hangry rage-blackouts. So, to help us clear the haze of our rebellious carb-overdose, we asked 5 ultra-healthy nutritionists to tell us what’s on their menu each day. Trust us, once we made it to the end, it had us re-thinking our entire cleanse-crash-repeat game (healthy shopping list in hand)—and you will too.


 Nutritionist, Author of What's Eating Your Child


Korean Mung Bean pancake, plain

Egg salad


A pile of supplements (including calcium, because I do not eat dairy products)


Arugula salad with hummus and chicken
2 corn chips (to scoop up the hummus)


1/2 grapefruit
2 organic chocolates from local, single-source chocolate factory
Jasmine green tea


Grilled shrimp
Steamed artichoke
Roasted cauliflower
Handful of organic potato chips

"Like everyone who ever hands in one of these things, I have to say, there is no typical! For example, I have never eaten a Korean Mung Bean pancake before, but a friend dropped it off for me to try."


 Holistic Nutritionist, NAO Nutrition


3 pastured egg + tomato omelette with a side of sauerkraut and spinach: "My hubby and I always cook breakfast together—it’s been a ritual that we’ve kept since we met 10 years ago. We both work long hours so it’s a wonderful way we make time to connect and enjoy a home cooked meal. Now that I’m pregnant, he makes me a more nutrient-dense meal so we keep our little nugget healthy inside my belly—loaded with protein, omega 3, antioxidants, and probiotics.

Morning Snack

Raw plain sheep yogurt with a dollop of raw honey + 5 chopped walnuts: "It's an easy snack for my day at the office and is loaded with vitamin A, D, calcium, omega 3, probiotics and fiber."


Leftover grass fed turkey & veggie stir fry with a small bowl of bone broth soup from Brodo: "I love bringing leftovers to work. I get hungry a lot faster and if I don’t plan my meals in advance, I end up not being satisfied. Have you ever seen a HANGRY pregnant lady?! I’m usually pretty zen, so to keep this up it’s easier to bring food with me to the office."


Slice of paleo bread with a schmear of almond butter & banana slices.: "Craving something sweet and a bit on the heartier side. I always keep nut butter & fruit at the office and I just baked some grain-free paleo bread that I brought with me."


Wild salmon with sauteed asparagus over some brown rice:"Super easy meal after a long day. This is a 5 minute prep meal and 10 minute cook. I buy the brown rice pre-made from my local health market."


Small piece of dark chocolate: "Itching for a little something sweet and a bite-size piece of dark chocolate always does the trick."


 Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of My New Roots


Warm water with lemon: "Right when I wake up."


Seriously Super Cereal with cinnamon, apple, hemp seeds and homemade almond butter: "Sooooo good!"


All day!


A couple dried figs and a huge mug of herbal tea.


Raw brussels sprout slaw: "I’m recipe testing for a big project at the moment and this was a successful trial-run!"


Green smoothie with banana, pear, spinach, pumpkin seed protein powder, spirulina, ginger, lemon, and bee pollen:"I made this for my 14-month old and I to tide us over until dinner."


Gluten-free crepes with some leftover lentil stew from last night’s dinner, and a big green salad with sprouts. A couple pieces of dark chocolate for dessert.


Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Models For Wellness

"After I wake up, I meditate on an empty stomach."


Chamomile tea or hot water with lemon and honey + glass of water with 2 fish oil pills: "Super-packed oat bowl with a handful (or two) of organic whole steel cut oats + 1 tablespoon of chia seeds + 1 tablespoon of ground flax seeds (stirred with boiling water) and top with blueberries or a banana, splash of almond milk, and add in a spoonful of organic peanut butter. I’ll eat this breakfast or a variation of it almost every day! I’ll get back into bed and eat my oat bowl creation while checking my emails and sipping tea."

Water break

"I ALWAYS carry water with me. I probably drink and refill 3 or 4 bottles a day, not including drinking during sit down meals."


The Earth Bowl from Sweetgreen with quinoa + farro, organic arugula, tomatoes, raw corn, organic chickpeas, spicy broccoli, organic white cheddar, roasted chicken, and pesto vinaigrette. "I’m normally always on the run mid day and if I eat a proper breakfast, I normally don’t feel the need to snack! When my body tells me it’s lunch time around 1pm, I’ll normally find (or train) to the nearest Sweetgreen, a locally sourced salad bar, my favorite place to grab lunch."

Caffeine break

Black or green tea: "On my way to an appointment I’ll stop at a coffee shop and get a green or black tea if I'm feeling a little lag-y. Most days I’m feeling solid, energy-wise, so I’ll get another chamomile tea, which relaxes me and calms my mind."


Orange: "After yoga or a barre class, I’ll stop into a market and grab an orange on my way home. I love peeling it and feeling instantly refreshed  post-workout."


Organic wild-caught cod with lemon, salt and pepper, sautéed brussel sprouts (in coconut oil) and mini tomato, cucumber, caper and goat cheese bowl. "Most nights I try to cook at home. I’ll have a look in the fridge which I keep stocked with local produce and whip up whatever my body tells me it’s in the mood for."


 Founder & Director of Food Coach NYC


Shot of chlorophyll and aloe vera juice:"This is my morning elixir. Chlorophyll helps to alkalize the body, while aloe vera juice keeps the skin plump and hydrated."

Espresso: "Because I love coffee"

Pumpkin smoothie (pureed pumpkin, coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and ice), made with my own protein powder, Beautifuel: "I make this in the prior evening, then bring it in a mason jar to drink later in the office."


Vegetable crudités (watermelon radish, snow peas, purple cauliflower, carrots, and tomatoes) with tuna carpaccio and avocado: "This is something I like to eat between seeing clients and I ordered from Little Beet, which is an organic restaurant close to my office. I encourage people to eat half a plate of vegetables for both lunch and dinner and this is a great way to get it in versus the ubiquitous NYC deli-style salad."


Dandi Detox blended green juice from Rawpothecary: "This is a green juice with fiber in it. Green juices are my favorite snack!"

Go Raw watermelon seeds: "These are rich in omega 3's and an alternative to pumpkin and sunflower seeds."


Shared vegetable appetizers with shared lamb + glass of red wine: "I frequent restaurants, like Claudettes, that offer an array of vegetable sides."

Late night

Loads of water: "I drink Essentia which is an alkaline-based water, which has extra hydrogen atoms. These act as antioxidants and mop up excess free radicals."

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