2015 Horoscope: Libra

2015 Horoscope: Libra

September 23rd - October 22nd

As a Libra, you are fortunate to be ruled by guardian planet Venus, for Venus coaxes you to make the most of your looks at all times. Libra is an air sign, considered a group of signs (including Gemini and Aquarius) that are avid readers and debaters. You are excellent about staying on top of trends of all kinds, and chances are, you’ve made a name in social media.

Your sign is one of the most social—and stylish—of the zodiac. Chances are, your iPhone brims with names of the hottest clubs and restaurants, and you astound your friends with the number of people you know or that what to know you, both famous and not so famous. Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex in the City, has the Libra look—ultra-trendy and fashionably creative. Venus, Libra’s ruler, gives the Libra woman an appreciation for pretty things that have a sensuous appeal.

Your Power Colors:

This year, Libra should concentrate on pastels.  Your power colors are always the soft hues found in the Rococo drawing room---palette-dusty rose, powder blue, icy pale greens and creams and this year, it will be easier than ever to integrate those soft colors and floral patterns into your wardrobe. Also, a well-designed and fitted crisp white blouse in fine cotton or silk, tucked into a skirt will emphasize the beauty of your skin.

Flats or Heels?

In 2015, Jupiter will be transiting your house of friendship, hopes and wishes until mid-August. You will widen your social circle quite a bit, as new people continue to pour into your life. It’s an ideal time to join a club, whether professional or personal, or to volunteer for a charity or political campaign, for you’d meet like-minded people, some of whom you’ll want to cultivate into important friends. While some friends will, move way or become less prominent in your life through the natural attrition process, the new crop of people entering now will energize you and bring you down new paths. Since you will be with many others, you’ll be wearing pretty heels.

Your Best Feature:

Although looking current is important to you, you’re brave enough to go against the grain when her heart tells you to do so. In those cases, you create your own look. In the evening, you know how to show off your best feature, wearing a short skirt if you have pretty legs, or a low neckline to show off a beautiful décolleté.

Your Career Forecast:

Later, you will be getting ready for Jupiter’s entry into Libra in the fall of 2016, and you will enter a quiet, reflective period, where you will temporarily withdraw from the frenzy of socializing that you did earlier in the year, kick back and do some deep thinking. You will enter the best year of your life next year, but to make the most of that extraordinary year to come (from late 2016 to late 2017), you must prioritize your goals. You may also need to delete some former goals that you have not yet achieved, ones that used to fascinate you but now feel you’ve outgrown. It may be time to draw up the blueprints for exciting new dreams. For this phase of 2015, wear ballet flats and be comfy, dear Libra. You’ve been through several years of testing, and now you are on the brink of extraordinary reward. You’ll want to be ready, and in the meantime, to be kind to yourself as you ponder your enchanting future.

Your Personal Style

This year, show off the part of the body your sign rules—the lower back and the derriere. This is so ironic that Libra goddess, Kim Kardashian, is a Libra (October 21), and that by proudly flaunting her hourglass figure, has brought the curvy, ample backsides back into fashion. Venus teaches Libras to look their best, and it’s been said that Kim patiently sits through two hours of makeup application each day to be sure she has the very best face to present to the world. Like most Libras, Kim starts with an exquisitely beautiful face and great skin, giving a great canvas for makeup artists to show their skills.

Kim is very typical of her sign, for Libra is also the wedding sign, and Kim has been married three times, and for the second and third marriage, quite publicly and with great style. Indeed, marriage, or more accurately said, getting married, is part of her persona. Libra enjoys being married, for Libra needs a sounding board for her often-brilliant ideas. Libra is, after all, the sign of partnership. Libras like to partner in business too, and also like to help friends by making all sorts of introductions that seem to always be remarkably “right” for both parties involved.

Libra is always very polished, well groomed, and even after a long day, seems to have stepped fresh from the shower. Look inside her pretty bathroom, and you will find an array of matching fragrances, from shower body gel, to toilet water, to foaming bath, fragrant talk with big puff, and of course, an array of perfumes, which she chooses with the skill of a wizard to match her mood, and to prepare, at times, for a romantic, gentle seduction. In Libra’s world, nothing shouts,

Libra, think about choosing a form fitting dress—it might be a bandage dress---that will accent your curvy figure, perhaps by Herver Leger. Also, look for snug, curvy jackets, pencil skirts or well fitting pants. At night, wear chiffon, georgette, or other drapery fabric, perhaps in empire, softy pleated, Grecian style. Let the Michael Kors gown that J.Lo wore to the Golden Globes in 2004, a beautiful tangerine creation, inspire you.

For beauty, at times the Brigitte Bardot look, updated, would fit you, complete with bed head hair, or if you prefer, an upsweep into a messy bun. Complete the look with fine, expensive jewelry and perfect makeup in nude or soft pastels.



Libra colors, ruled by graceful Venus, are the soft pastels found in the Rococo Period, particularly the pale blues, pinks and rose, considered shades of social refinement. Nothing in a Libra world is jarring or out of place, for Libra is master of the subtle, delicate touch, and in her world, all things are balanced and have the right “ring.” Libra produces superb diplomats, negotiators, mediators, judges and lawyers seeking a better, more civilized world. For Libra, colors are always softened a notch—a dusty rose, powdery blue, sugared pale green, and a soft cream, rather than a stark, bleached white. Libra speaks with softness and, so it is fitting that the colors her sign rules would also whisper.

Libra, an air sign, is appropriately assigned the color of heaven, blue. Her pink the pale pink of newborn babies’ toes, the flush of love on a young girl's cheeks or the petals of pink roses from her first prom corsage. If you are a Libra, your colors are also the colors of the petit fours served on the silver tray in the drawing room of the palace, or the pastel double Damask tablecloth on the drawing room table. It is the color of the just cut from the garden sweetheart roses in the round Waterford bowl in the foyer. Libra’s colors remind one of the fleeting moments of twilight, that zone between reality and magic, when all the sky is pastel and night has not yet drawn down its thick velvet curtain of darkness.

The young Libra girl soon shows curves early (far sooner than her friends) and will enjoy feminine clothing, and will probably want to show off her waist or her voluptuous bosom. For sure, the Libra woman dresses to attract love, even though she will profess that you dresses for herself. Libra, considered an especially attractive sign, can barely help being noticed. Her fair face, light locks, soft expression and faint perfume add up to pure sugar as far as her admirers are concerned, and Libra adeptly keeps those admirers at arms’ length, to keep them panting.

Being the most social of signs, as a Libra, you will be very fashion-conscious, yet individual and refined as well. Your insistence on cleanliness, a finished polished look, compete with fine manners, is what makes Libra so loveable.

Your underthings drip with lace and are usually light, from white and cream to beige and even pale pink or blue. (You assume only vamps wear black.) Like Taurus, the other sign that shares Venus as a ruler, Libra prefers outerwear made of natural fibers: silk, pure cotton, linen, cashmere, wool and suede. And while Libra’s air-sign intellectual nature will not permit her to indulge in her senses as wildly and with quite the abandon that comes with her cosmic counterpart, Taurus, Libra will be more conscious of social mores about body image and fitness. To put it bluntly, Libra tends to stay thinner than Taurus, even though they both have a sweet tooth, if only because wearing fashionable clothes is so important to her.

Somehow or another, the Libra woman keeps being given gifts of jewelry from her admirers, and it won’t likely be the costume variety but fine jewelry, made of gold, platinum and or precious stones. Libra’s birthstone is of course, something wonderful—the sapphire—a color so blue, if you stare at it long enough, you could feel yourself falling gracefully into that pool of blue. The fantastic opal is also assigned to Libra. Her patron planet, Venus, tells her that you need to be always adorned gracefully. No matter what jewelry you choose, all pieces would be elegantly designed, never flashy or in poor taste. For Libra, who has been called “the arbiter of taste” anything of bad taste should be practically made illegal.

Think of Libra and see her reclining on silk and satin, draped in silk charmuse, admiring her appearance in a silver hand mirror, wearing a lovely necklace, earrings and perhaps a tiara as cherubs fly over her, bearing boughs of pink roses. We have all seen paintings like this, but as a Libra, in many ways, you get to live the legend.

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