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2015 Horoscope: Capricorn

December 22nd - January 19th

2015 Horoscope: Capricorn
Capricorn is the sign of the fair and wise leader, and ruled by Saturn, this sign makes careful decisions that are never done in haste. If you are a Capricorn you may have had to grow up fast when you were little, perhaps because you were the eldest, in charge of helping your mother take care of your younger sisters and brothers. Or maybe events in the family were such that you had to become very realistic and practical quickly. No matter—remarkably, Capricorns tend to live their lives backwards, becoming younger, freer and more spirited with each passing birthday.

Being that Saturn is your ruler, and Saturn is the planet of longevity, Capricorn tends to live the longest, more than any other sign. If you have a Capricorn sun, or Capricorn rising, take care of your health and you will have a good chance of joining the ranks of the centenarians—those who live to 100 years of age, and beyond. My dear aunt, a Pisces, had Capricorn rising and reached 103 when she passed recently.

Capricorn rules all things that are valuable from the past, such as antiques, landmark buildings and other real estate, estate jewelry, old stamps, Krugerrands and other old coins, valuable autographs—you get the idea. Capricorn covers anything historical, and most Capricorns are history buffs. Also, Capricorn is associated with very big money, whether that require managing family money, overseeing the funds of a behemoth multi-national company, trading client’s stocks and bonds, or being a lawyer related to estate management. Capricorn is not highly emotional, but keeps feelings well-balanced, one reason they do so well in managing money.

Capricorn is reliable, trustworthy, careful, dependable, very practical and realistic (all big reasons for their success), and they are also kind and status-conscious. The last attribute—status-conscious—may have surprised you, but it has to do with the sign’s ambitious need to reach the top of the mountain. When you buy a gift for Capricorn, to make a hit, make sure it comes from a fine retailer or your recipient will be disappointed.

Capricorn women tend to either be very successful in their own right, or marry highly successful, well-known men. Indeed, the woman Capricorn almost always marries well. Family tradition is extremely important to Capricorn, as much as it is to Cancer, and most Capricorn women, no matter how busy they are (and Capricorn women are that for sure), she will always find time to attend her children’s recitals, plays and parent teacher conferences. Most Capricorns enjoy delving into their own ancestral history, or that of their mate. Capricorns are usually concerned with their legacy and reputations, and will fiercely defend their own honor. If a reporter gets facts wrong in publishing a story about her, the Capricorn woman will not hesitate to call her lawyer to contact the publication to get it right.

Few Capricorns typify the sign as well as Kate Middleton (January 9). She wanted the role of Prince William’s wife, for when she realized she would be in his class if she changed schools, she did, just in case the two of them clicked. They certainly did. She loves the tradition and historical elements of her duties as Prince William’s Duchess, so she truly is the right mate for him, and wonderful mother to Prince George. Although Kate comes from a distinguished family, she is nevertheless considered a commoner, so you could say she married well.

Capricorn Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States (January 17), married well too, and like Kate, was willing to put her own ambitions as a lawyer aside for her husband and the duties involved with her role. Additionally, most Capricorns like making a home in a valuable, landmark building—both Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama live in houses of great historical value.

Kate Moss is a Capricorn too (January 16) and is a Capricorn that didn’t have to marry money—she quickly showed that she had a knack for making plenty of her own. She is one of the richest models in the world, and although she is only 5’7” (considered tiny in the modeling world) nothing stopped Kate’s rise to the top. This London beauty has modeled for just about every top international fashion magazine in the world, and has been a muse for many top designers. Her association with Topshop has become a critical and very profitable success, allowing her to display her natural talent for fashion and style in a new way, by designing items for the retailer, which is based in 40 countries.

Interestingly, Kate Moss and Kate Middleton, both British but born in different years, married in 2011. In a current survey on, readers voted Kate Middleton more chic (76%) than Kate Moss (26%) but perhaps the universe for that ongoing survey is small. Certainly both women generate an enormous amount of enthusiasm from their die-heart fans for their wardrobe choices. Almost every Capricorn is a master at mixing high-low, say, with a sky-high priced designer dress and a J Crew or Topshop sweater. They do it naturally and gracefully, eschewing any tinge of pretension or elitism. Everything they wear is an instant retail sell-out.

Flats or Heels & Career Forecast:

This year, you will prove to one and all that your instincts about making money were right on target all along, because the first eight months of 2015 should bring you at least one large chunk of cash. The funds may come as a bonus for work well done, as a check for venture capital as an investment in your idea, or as an inheritance, scholarship / generous university financial aid, an advance or royalty on a book, a licensing fee, or a mortgage or line of credit that offers an attractive interest rate, as a few examples. You will need heels when you negotiate your deals, for you will feel your strength when you stand tall. This generous financial trend started July 2014, so you may have seen money come in over the past six months. Whether you did or did not, more is likely on the way.

After mid-August, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, responsible for your financial luck earlier, will move to Virgo, and encourage you to travel far and wide. It seems very likely in the coming months this year or in 2016, you will visit a very exciting foreign city you have never seen. Alternatively, you may decide instead to go back to the university for an advanced degree at the end of August or September for the coming semester, a wise choice. Either option, travel or study, would require flats! Additionally, if you would like to start a venture in publishing or broadcasting, tin the fall, present your ideas to the powers that be—wear heels. Finally, if you are in a court case, see if you can slow things down until mid-August, for the result is likely to be financially generous and in your favor.

Your Power Color:

Capricorn is born at the quietest and darkest moments of the year, the winter solstice. The earth is frozen, thus Capricorn’s colors are the dark and neutral tones of earth in a deep sleep: deep chocolate brown, indigo, cream, charcoal gray, navy blue, black, and soft butterscotch.

You tend to reach for dark colors or beige/cream/butterscotch, but neutrals are a perfect foil for vibrant colors in accessories that can bring your unique coloring to life. Mix into your wardrobe some beautiful print dresses and scarves—Hermès has some unusually rich colors this season. Vogue recently instructed readers to use scarves as if jewelry. The trend toward pastels, particularly soft light blue or baby pink in a fine handbag like Prada or Louis Vuitton may add the right touch to a pale beige or snow white coat or trench.

Personal Style:

It is remarkable how the Capricorn woman always manages to look like she comes from a pedigree background, with wealth and old family money—even if she does not. Capricorn’s look is well bred, understated, classic, minimalist, elegant, functional, yet she also knows how to put a fresh twist on the classic shapes she loves. Capricorn’s love of historical things makes vintage clothing, jewelry or accessories a natural choice and she will mix those pieces with modern pieces. Neutral colors allow her comfort and authority and like Virgo, Capricorn learned long ago that fine tailoring can make an enormous difference in the way an outfit fits—like pure couture. Kate Moss has more range in what she can wear due to her occupation, but most Capricorns work in industries or in roles (like Kate Middleton) that require a more conservative choice of outfit.

Jewel: The deep red garnet, stone of faithfulness and passion and is also said to increase creativity in the wearer.

Designers of Choice: Narciso Rodriguez, Carolina Herrara, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Tracy Reese, Milly, Lanvin, Michael Kors. Carolina Herrera, Phillip Lim—and mix in Top Shop and J Crew! .

The part of your body to highlight: your teeth, whitened professionally. Wear a bright blue-red lip shade to set off the neutrals you love for a more modern look. (Capricorn rules the teeth, bones—especially the knees—and skin. Capricorns often have beautiful teeth and complexion.)



Capricorn is something of a lovely snow queen, born at the quietest and darkest moments of the year, the winter solstice. The earth is frozen, Persephone has long moved underground, and nature takes a long and well-deserved rest. Capricorn, the third of earth signs (along with Taurus and Virgo) best understands the ying and yang of the universe. You realize, intuitively, the need for Mother Nature to stop and fill itself with nourishment from the frozen snow that acts as a sturdy blanket over earth.

Capricorn’s colors are the dark and neutral tones of the earth sleeping: deep chocolate brown, teal, indigo, charcoal gray, navy blue and black. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of stability, ambition and seriousness, Capricorn’s colors suggest the pillar of strength that she represents to all that know and love her. You can find the Capricorn woman’s colors in the old bark of trees, the big old rocks in the creek or the very granite that holds up the city of skyscrapers—Manhattan. Find her colors in the charcoal-and-mica-spiked sidewalks in the metropolis, the white winter landscape with its cloud cover of deep grey, or on rainy windswept nights that are perfect for murder mysteries and a cup of steaming just-brewed coffee or deliciously hot chocolate.

Capricorn’s colors are found is the dusty dirt country road, weather-beaten clapboard on Nantucket cottages or in the tones of the wild heather that grows on the heath. And while you may find the mountainous terrain (governed by her ruler, Saturn) to be quite rocky and hard to navigate in your climb up Mt. Everest, dear Capricorn, those rocks aptly mirror Capricorn’s ability to overcome adversity on the way to reaching her lofty goals. If nothing else, Capricorn has stamina and driving ambition.

Capricorn is the color of the black raisins and dark nuts you eat for extra energy as a snack after brisk walk in the cold, warm chestnuts, toasted almonds and walnuts you crack open with a sturdy old metal nutcracker. It is the salt and pepper you have in your cupboard—basic staples, true, but necessary. What we do without salt and pepper? January brings the sharp contrast to the shape of the old mountains, now bare from foliage. The entire world seems stripped down to their essentials, perhaps the reason Capricorn so easily sees what must be done and is practical about doing it.

There is no doubt that you possess a certain natural authority. It shows up in how you walk and talk, and, of course, in how you dress. As said many times, neutrals head her list of “must haves.” If you befriend a Capricorn you already know that she thinks of pastels as frivolous. Sugar pink or candy green for a dress or sweater? I don’t think so. The Capricorn woman dresses for success and that’s why usually she gets where she is pointed, to the top. Still, even she has to lighten up, and this year, accessories will be the way she can do so gracefully.

Capricorn will always choose perfect cut and shape over color any day—she wants things as simple and as utilitarian as possible. Her sign also rules history and all things of value from the past, hence, so she buys modern classics, always of superb quality, things that will last. She will also choose remarkably beautiful antique or vintage clothing, jewelry for herself too, and it suits her so very well. What would Kate Middleton do without her royal tiaras and other jewels?

An earthy, practical sign, Capricorn has little use for things trendy. When you shops, she buys staples: the elegantly cut white cotton shirt, the cashmere twin sweater set in pale butterscotch or nutmeg, three pairs of perfectly cut trousers or skirts in gray, black and brown, and mix with tweeds, herringbones, cable knit sweaters, cashmere and silk camisoles. The Capricorn has a penchant for simple, timeless statements in fashion. It is little wonder that she is the sign the rest of us look up to and who eventually tells us what to do next.

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