Bobbi Brown’s Five Favorite Things

Bobbi Brown’s Five Favorite Things

The beauty mogul’s must-haves

In our world, we’ve become accustomed to inspiration overload. Ask us who’s influenced us along the way and we’d need a six-part Lifetime series to explain it all.

But there’s one person with whom we credit pretty much every beauty philosophy that’s stuck with us over the years—Bobbi Brown.

She taught our thirteen-year-old selves such invaluable life lessons as why we shouldn’t encase our eyes in cerulean kohl (sorry mom) and why less is definitely not more when it comes to eyebrows (again, sorry mom). Not to mention every new product she launches becomes our latest holy grail—currently on regime rotation: under-eye corrector, rose-hued pot rouge and her Smokey Nudes palette. Just take our money, Bobbi. Now, as the latest #GirlBoss to join Yahoo!’s team as EIC (!!!), we’ve become re-obsessed with combing through Bobbi’s pearls of wisdom.

BRB, changing our homepages.

In the meantime, here are the five things Bobbi can’t live without.

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