The Coveteur Does Cabo Part II

It's like if Givenchy & Valentino had a baby with Harmony Korine. No, seriously.

While we like to think we're far from living out (or, ahem, reliving) our Harmony Korine-inspired spring break fantasies, after spending the week in Cabo, we've already established that what happens in Mexico, doesn't always stay there. And as it turns out, in between the sun, fun, tequila and guacamole; we kind of couldn't help indulging our day job habits—even if it was just a little. There's just something about the siren song of styling shoes on books, okay?!

Looking back on our week in veritable paradise, it's become kind of evident that no one does a week away in Cabo (and yes, we sort of seethe with nostalgia just thinking about it) quite like our friends at Forward by Elyse Walker. We mean, from wining and dining at Cabo's finest farm-to-table spot to spending a day cruising, Corona in hand, we like to think we really saw and did it all. And yes, as we've confessed previously, rolling with the crew at Elyse Walker does have it's perks; especially when it comes to indulging that proclivity for prop styling everything we see, everywhere we go. Wearing this-just-in Mary Katrantzou to dinner on a whim doesn't exactly hurt either. 

While we may be the very worst breed of packers—indecisive, with a inclination to bring just about everything we own—our new Forward fam is far from having that problem. Among the goodies they brought along down South with us? Printed Stella McCartney shift dresses for day, strappy little black Christopher Kane dresses on speed for night. And in a move that only goes to prove that we should be getting our friendship bracelets in the mail just about any day now; the team totally anticipated our accessories addiction, too. The antidote? Think: everything from gold Cuban Link-esque Givenchy chains to all-over-print Sophia Webster sandals, woven Proenza Schouler bags and strappy white-and-black Alexander McQueen sandals. Oh, and there was enough menswear product porn for any dude worth his GQ subscription to bask in, too; from screen-printed A.P.C. tees to Pierre Hardy high-tops and a Maison Kitsune bombers for those chilly Cabo nights... Just kidding, you guys—Cabo doesn't get chilly, and is literally always the perfect temperature. Yeah, can we go back yet?