Quentin Jones: The Coveteur x Mercedes-Benz

Filmmaker, Animator, Illustrator. New York

We'll be frank: we've been following Quentin Jones and her brand of slightly off-kilter, stop-and-start, entirely enthralling and inherently delicate video work for a minute. We mean, with clients ranging from Opening Ceremony to Marc Jacobs and CHANEL, it would be one hell of a feat for someone with a CV that even comes close to the likes of Jones' to get by without us tracking her, ahem, every move. Oh, and did we mention she's Canadian, too? Yeah, we kind of knew there was a reason we loved her.

Newly Stateside-based after spending her formative years in London (requisite degree on the wall from Central Saint Martin's: check), Jones welcomed us at her East Village walk-up and eagerly ushered us over to her closet. And yes, in case you were wondering, her wardrobe is completely comprised all of the ugh-how-does-she-wear-those gems you'd anticipate. She's got Marni brogues, a little white Acne shift dress, kitty kat ears from Maison Michel, and pointy Proenza Schouler pumps with a transparent ankle strap, to name just a few. And while Jones' London upbringing became evident the moment we got our hands on her armoire (hot tip: growing up in Camden counts as field research when Vogue commissions you to create a punk-inspired short starring none other than Cara Delevingne), we also stumbled upon a nod or two to her (and our) home and native land. Namely? Enough denim to complete many a mean Canadian tuxedo and a pair of classic Hudson's Bay-striped low-top sneakers.

And to think Jones' entire oeuvre is the result of an, uh, especially debauchery-filled late night conversation with an editor friend, which ultimately resulted in a stop-motion video for AnOther Magazine. A cameo appearance by dancing CHANEL nail polishes landed her a plum position collaborating with the storied fashion house, and the rest is kind of history. What? Don't all fashion success stories turn out this way? Well, you know what we've said about London girls...

P.S.: Stay tuned for the next in our 'Style Profiles' video series (starring none other than Quentin!) with filmmaker Matt Black, in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz... #comingsoontoaCoveteurnearyou!