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Work It Out with Adrianne Ho

FYI: Lifting your glass of wine 10 times doesn't count as working out.

Work It Out with Adrianne Ho

What's that? Exercising on vacation?! Believe us—the notion was new to us, too. While we arrived in St. Barths with images of sun, surf and sangria dancing in our heads, it turns out that Adrianne Ho, our resident running lunge junkie, had entirely different plans in mind for us. Namely? Torture.

We kid, we kid—kind of. We will concede that once we got into the whole endorphin-boosting thing, it was difficult to stop, and with a spirit guide like Ho in tow, we quickly found ourselves finding ways to fit in mini-bursts of exercise virtually everywhere we went.

As founder of the recently-launched Sweat the Style, we trusted Ho's guidance. Aside from being all "who actually looks that good when they sweat?", we put our judgements aside once she let us in on her motivation for getting into whole health and wellness thing. "I've always loved eating, especially rich foods and sweets, but once I started working as a professional model I had to find a way to offset that passion." After she began making small differences in her day-to-day routine, Ho started becoming "fascinated" (her words) with how the tiniest tweaks impacted her mood and general, well, entire being—and the rest is history. You don't need to go and start a motivational Pinterest board or anything, but it is kind of inspiring, right?

For our first outing with Ho, we indulged her main vice: running. And with a view like the one we had, we do have to acknowledge that our burning thighs eventually became a teeny bit more bearable. The prescription? A 5 mile run, stopping every mile or so for sets of 25 Mountain Climbers (translation: dropping down into a push-up stance, and jogging your knees back-and-forth into your chest) and Bench Crunches (sitting upright with your feet at a 90 degree angle, dropping your back down to 45 degrees while stretching out your legs). Feel the burn, kids.

Need further inspiration to actually get up from your beach chair when you go away this winter? Consider this (and stay tuned from the rest of our 3-part work-out series with Ho—we know, you're welcome): "Movement and sweat is most important, whether that be doing yoga, spin class, running, or weights. Do something active everyday, and if you have a job that requires you to spend your time sitting, make sure you take breaks to move. Sitting still longer than five hours straight is more harmful than smoking a pack of cigarettes!" You hear that? Ho knows what's up.

(P.S.: we know you totally already follow her on Instagram, but her Facebook and Twitter are kinda amazing too, you guys! Also, we say this as a cautionary, but brace yourselves for endless, lost hours on Sweat the Styleeven if you're not exactly the most, uh, athletic.)

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