Mike Rosenthal & Jen Atkin Part Two


There’s plenty of “power couples” in this world – Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Brangelina, MObama, etc. – but this duo wins our vote. If you’re a longtime reader of The Coveteur you’ll know this isn’t Atkinthal’s first Cov-odeo; celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and photographer/director Mike Rosenthal may just be two of our favorites on the West Coast. And when we poached them for a follow-up, they were totally down – because, really, losing your Coveteur virginity isn’t that bad and they say once you drink the C-ool Aid… you’re hooked.

We caught up with the newly engaged duo at their fresh L.A. digs just a few weeks after move in day. We’re still not too sure how they managed to squeeze us into their hectic schedules; Rosenthal was wrapping a photoshoot and heading off for Malaysia a top secret project and Atkin is always up to something whether it be a magazine cover with Gwen Stefani or getting her girls (Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, Mindy Kaling, Kaley Cuoco, etc.) red carpet ready. See what we mean by dream team?

For a guy who once turned his man cave into a “girl cave” (a.k.a. a walk-in), you can only imagine who won the rock, paper, scissors when it came to turning their second bedroom into a dressing room. In true Atkinthal form, they showered us with an array of fresh salads, juices and sandwiches before letting us run wild in her Linda Koopersmith-designed closet. While Rosenthal boasts an impressive collection of kicks, it’s Atkin’s hats, shoes (Rosenthal calls them “bitchy heels”), jackets and jewels that really take the cake; no offense, M.R.

Though Rosenthal says Atkin is “normally biker-chic” and Atkin loves when he “gives a ‘french photog’ look,” it’s the duos off-duty, vacation style that we like best. Think: Atkin in face paint and a flowy dress doing her best Diana Vreeland and Sade; Rosenthal in a salmon straw Marc Jacobs topper doing his best Don Draper. You can’t miss them on the beach, guys.

And for a girl who once swept hair and washed heads and a guy who got his start at Warner Bros. as an intern, there’s certainly something to say about hard work paying off.