You've Been Coveteur'd: Holt Renfrew

You've Been Coveteur'd: Holt Renfrew

Fall 2011 Holt Renfrew Designer Footwear Lookbook. Toronto

Last night, The Coveteur team unveiled their latest collaboration – a marriage of fashion that is rooted in our hometown of Toronto. When we first launched the site, we called upon John Gerhardt, the Creative Director of Canadian fashion emporium Holt Renfrew. He immediately agreed to let us shoot his home – digging through his closet and home furnishings (and since then, he’s been included in a little group we like to call “The Original Six”). Together with Barbara Atkin, the two of them are the driving forces behind the retail aspect of Canadian fashion. In fact, Erin got her start by working for the company, and eventually ended up selling her namesake clothing line to the Canadian stores. Within a few years, our relationship with HR has come full circle – and here’s why. Collectively, we came up with an idea to present our much-loved stylistic talent – from the designers found within their Bloor Street hub to the talent we feature on our site, in a unique way that would span our nation’s outreach. Resulting in a photo exhibit, as well as a window installation at Holts, the photography and styling of The Coveteur has culminated in a two week exhibit of our brand, showing off the closets and goodies of both local and international talent. Our official unveiling last night was an ode to twelve shoe vendors whose products have made us drool with lust, but more importantly, have created a photo gallery for your viewing pleasure. Here’s our union, in visual form. Ladies and gents, may we present you with The Coveteur x Holt Renfrew.


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