Sylvia Mantella: Part One

Director of Branding and Image, Mantella Corporation. Toronto

Philanthropist Sylvia Mantella has always had an attraction for fashion. Her style is constantly undergoing a metamorphosis, and she certainly isn’t afraid to take some sartorial chances (as well as real life ones—girl loves to sky dive). “My personal style is constantly evolving with the particular time and place in my life, however, I'm not afraid to take risks and I certainly respect and appreciate the unique style of others, even if it may not be of my own preference” states Mantella. “I love a great pair of well fitted Balmain jeans and a simple white T-shirt, but my true weakness is wearing, whenever I possibly can, a killer pair of five or six-inch stilettos or sandal.” She’s created the Non Profit Exotic Animal Rescue and Animal Adoption Facility in Florida, launched The Judy Mantella Foundation (a private fund supporting Sunnybrook Hospital), and has worked on such charities as The One x One Global Organization and acted as the co-chair for the 5th Annual Catwalk Cure for Cancer, where she helped raise over $200,000 for The Princess Margaret Hospital. This girl may love fashion, but she uses it to benefit others.