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Inside the Fashion Week of the Interiors World

Milan’s Fuorisalone showcases some of the most inspiring contemporary design.

By: Laurel Pantin

If you’re one of the roughly 660 million Instagram users (hi, over here, we are) then you likely saw at least one of your follows in Milan this past weekend at design week. Maybe you were there, in which’re a lucky duck. Or maybe you were like us, obsessively clicking geotagged pics from Dimore Studio’s gallery, Apparatus’ installation, or Marni’s sandbox party. Nes Creative’s Natalie Shirinian and Elizabeth Baudouin (remember them from this?) were among the lucky ones between seeing the best design in the world, with then breaking for pasta, beef carpaccio, and wine. Can you tell we’re a little bit jealous?

However, we couldn’t let them go without promising to provide us with a complete photo diary of everything they saw and did.

“We took the trip to Milan this year to be amongst the city at its best when the worlds of fashion, design, and art collide for Fuorisalone. We were most excited to see the Loewe, Marni, and Apparatus installations, since all three houses do such an amazing job of creating show-stopping experiences. We love coming to Milan together because it’s such a charismatic city and the stylish energy is infectious. You can’t help but fall in love with everything—the people, the fashion, the architecture, the design, the restaurants, and of course the power of the Duomo.”

Click through to pretend you were there, too. 

“Taking the night flight from New York, it’s always a highlight to wake up over the Swiss Alps when arriving to Milan.”Read More

“CIAO, MILANO!”Read More

“We stayed in a chic little Chinatown apartment right on the edge of the Brera District. Our Airbnb hosts left us a map to explore all of Milan’s art, design, and treasures!”Read More

“First stop was the Hermès: New Home Collection Installation for Design Week. This Nubi-quilted cashmere patched blanket by Seulgi Lee was a showstopper.”Read More

“Natalie found her new favorite Hermès scarf.”Read More

“Dinner at Giacomobistrot is one of our go-to spots when visiting Milan.”Read More

“The beef carpaccio is perfection!”Read More

“Day 2, we visited the Louis Vuitton ‘Objets Nomades’ exhibit at the whimsical Palazzo Bocconi. Here is The Belt Chair by Atelier Oï, which is designed to evoke LV’s trunk maker heritage.”Read More

“Elizabeth found her space ship in the courtyard in the form of Matti Suuronen’s Futuro House concept.”Read More

“The Campana Brothers’ dreamy red cloud-shaped Bomboca sofa.”Read More

“Here’s Natalie with Jonathan in the showroom courtyard. What a treat to meet this talented designer!”Read More

“Fashion crossing over into design is the theme to Natalie’s upcoming film documentary, Interior Motives. The collaboration between Loewe and J.W. Anderson is the perfect study on the subject.”

Photo: Courtesy of LoeweRead More

“Atelier Oï’s twist lamps gave us all the illuminating lights for magical surprise.”Read More

“Traveling as a couple, it can be challenging to get a non-selfie photo together. At the gorgeous Palazzo Bovara, we took matters into our own hands using a handy side-by-side iPhone app.”Read More

“Next, we walked over to Via Montenapoleone (The 5th Avenue of Milan) to see Loewe’s Home Exhibit designed by the visionary fashion designer J.W. Anderson.”Read More

“Later that night, the Playground turned into a disco sandbox...”Read More

“A romantic dinner for two at Don Carlos inside the Grand Hotel takes us back to the Old World.”Read More

“On Day 3, we visited Casa degli Atellani, the 15th-century home of Leonardo da Vinci.”Read More

“This is where Da Vinci lived when he painted The Last Supper. We feel so lucky and grateful to experience this moment.”Read More

“The breathtaking property was opened for the first time to the public especially for Milan Design Week.”Read More

“Lunch at our favorite Milan cafe, Marchesi Pasticceria.”Read More

“Then off to Spazio Marni for Marni Playland. This colorful playground was designed by the fashion house to bring play back into our lives and features rainbow-woven furnishings, accessories, and toys.”Read More

“...Where we were able to steal a quick kiss.”Read More

“Before taking a night stroll, we passed the Duomo to meet our friends for dinner.”Read More

“There is nothing like a table of inspired women coming together. We dined family-style at A Santa Lucia with our Girl Gang of 6. (From bottom left clockwise: Julia Haney Montanez, Producer of MADE at The Architectural Digest Design Show, Kristen de la Vallière, Founder and EIC of Say Hi To magazine, Sophia Haney Montanez, Account Manager at NES, Natalie Shirinian, NES Founder + Filmmaker, Elizabeth Baudouin, NES Partner + Writer, Leslie Sun, Fashion Influencer + Founder of SUNSET Taiwan.)”Read More

“It wouldn’t be a trip to Milan without visiting the stunning showroom of APPARATUS located on Via Santa Marta in the 5VIE neighborhood of Milan.”

Photo: Paola PansiniRead More

“Here we are with APPARATUS Co-Founder Jeremy Anderson and Co-Founder + Creative Director Gabriel Hendifar. We love these boys so much! Lucky to call them clients and friends.”Read More

“When Natalie was researching sights to visit in Milan, she found the church of San Maurizio Monastero Maggiore as the more private alternative to the Duomo.”Read More

“Quite the gorgeous view to take in.”Read More

“Ciao ciao, Milano! See you next time. xx”Read More

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