Can You Make It Through These Throwback Grammy Looks Without Cringing?

2007 was an *interesting* year for fashion.

By: Samantha Sutton

There may be nothing funnier (or more cringe-worthy) than scrolling through old photos and seeing what we wore way back when. Because, yes, the ‘90s have come back in style, but that late-aughts fashion? Those styles are still safely tucked away, yet to reappear—and for good reason.

The 2007 Grammy’s were a prime example of OMG, what were we thinking?! as bedazzled sandals, ill-fitting trousers, and babydoll dresses reigned supreme. But something even crazier? Todays most stylish stars actually wore them, proving anyone can fall victim to a faux pas or questionable trend—even Beyoncé.

Before a wall full of flowers, Beyoncé had a dress full of jewels.

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Rihanna’s so ready for prom!

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Bring sexy back anytime, Justin Timberlake—just leave those wrinkled pants in your closet.

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Adding a big, unnecessary belt to your outfit? This *was* us, too, Mandy Moore.

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Raise your hand if you owned a babydoll dress like Ciara’s. *raises hand*

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John Legend clearly had some mixed feelings about this tie.

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