3 Exercises You Can Do from Your Couch

Or the floor. The ultimate lazy workout.

By: Noah Lehava

It’s the holidays. You can barely convince us to change out of our flannels and pause Netflix, let alone get to the gym. We bet you feel the same way, too, and it was with you in mind (we swear we weren’t selfishly motivated) that we found three ways to fit in a workout without so much as having to leave your couch. You literally can’t get more lazy-friendly than this.





MOVE #1: SPOON Wear socks on your feet (but no shoes)... Read More


Wear socks on your feet (but no shoes) and place the heel of your hands on the edge of a chair behind you. Using your lower abdominals, pull your torso up while sliding your feet closer to the chair. Slowly lower your body while sliding the legs away from the chair.

Repeat slowly for 1 minute.


”FROGGIE” LEG LIFTS Lie on your stomach placing the forehead either... Read More

“Lie on your stomach placing the forehead either on a yoga block or on stacked fists. Contract the abdominals. Turn hips out, and pull heels together so they touch. Hips stay connected to the floor, and spine stays neutral. Lift the heels toward the ceiling, pulling as much of the thigh off the floor as possible. Squeeze buttocks at the top and hold for a moment. Lower the thighs down slowly, keeping heels touching. This exercise strengthens the buttocks, lower back, core, and hamstrings. Common mistakes: pulling the chin up and ‘breaking’ the neutral neck position; lifting too fast, allowing the hips to lift as well. Do about 10-12 slowly with control.”


Move #3

Reverse V-UP


Move #4 Reverse V-UP "Start on your bottom in a seated position.... Read More

“Start on your bottom in a seated position. Take both arms behind the back and make sure the hands are facing the body. Slowly push yourself into a bridge position, really squeezing the glutes. As you slowly lower, take the arms and legs into a V-up position. Your abs are going to go crazy here! Make sure to go slow so that you get that extra burn. Remember, quality, not quantity.”