How To Workout Like Nina Agdal

Because looking like a Sports Illustrated model isn’t all about genes.

By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

We’ll admit that more often than not DNA play a major role in the relative litheness of our favorite models. But what we’ve learned in our never-ending investigation into what models do and don’t do in the name of fitness and health, is that no matter how genetically blessed they may be, they also have to work for it—we mean, at the end of the day, looking the part is kind of their job. Just a little while ago, as part of this journalistic pursuit, we grilled Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal about everything from her favorite cheat meals and why she drinks eight glasses of water a day to how exactly she stays in such amazing shape. Now, we’re exploring the latter just a little bit further with Agdal’s trainer, Soho Strength Lab’s Andrew Speer, and all the muscle-screaming moves he has her doing on the regular. Because even if we won't ever actually look like a swimsuit model (we're living in the real world, guys), at the very least we can sweat like one.


How to structure the workout


Do exercises 1-3 for 2-3 rounds as a warm up. Rest 10-20 sec between each set. 
Do exercises 4-6 for 3-5 rounds for a killer total body conditioning workout! Rest 1-2min between sets. 



Move #1

Walk out to spider lunge sequence


"Start in standing position, reach down to the floor and walk out to plank position. Place your right foot just outside the right hand, keeping the foot flat and pointing forward. Raise your right arm to the ceiling, twisting from you upper back. Return your hand to the floor and repeat on the other side. Walk back up to standing.

Do 5 

TIP: DONT RUSH! This is an amazing full body stretch and warm up for your abs and shoulders." 


Move #1 WALK OUT TO SPIDER LUNGE SEQUENCE "Start in standing position,... Read More

Nina Agdal


Move #2

Step out with over head reach


"Start in standing position. Step your right leg in front, far enough that your left knee trails behind your left hip. Bring your arms overhead as you step out and back to your side as you step up. You should feel a stretch in the front of your trailing leg and a slight stretch in your chest and shoulders."

Do 10, alternating legs. 

TIP: Plant your front heel firmly. Don't let it come off the floor until you step back up."


MOVE #2 STEP OUT WITH OVER HEAD REACH "Start in standing... Read More

Nina Agdal


Step #3

Lateral Squat


"Start in standing position in a wide stance with your feet about 4ft apart (depending on your height.) Push your hips back behind your right foot, bending your right leg, while keeping the left leg straight. Return to center and repeat on other side. You should feel your glutes working in the bent leg and your adductors (inner thigh) stretch on the straight leg.

Do 20, alternating sides

TIP: Reach out in front for a counter balance. Keep your shin as vertical as possible—think hips back, rather than knee forward." 


STEP #3 LATERAL SQUAT "Start in standing position in a wide... Read More

Nina agdal


Step #4

Alternating rope waves


"Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent slightly, torso tall and abs tight. Make waves with the rope as if you are playing the drums—short fast movements. 

Do 20s work/20s rest for 3 sets. Rest 1 min. Do 3-5 sets


STEP #4 ALTERNATING ROPE WAVES "Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees... Read More


Step #5

Low bar sled push


(If you don't have a sled and turf, you can use a weight plate on top of a towel on a studio floor.)

"This one is simple. Get low and push! Create a straight line from your hands through your shoulders to your hips. Keep your arms straight, abs tight and push hard with your legs.

Do 3-5 sets of 20-50 feet.

TIP: Stand up and stretch you quads between sets."


STEP #5 LOW BAR SLED PUSH (If you don't have a... Read More

nina Agdal


Step #6

TRX row


"Hang on the TRX at about 30-45 degree body angle from the floor. Pull you shoulder blades back and down, creating tension in your upper back and lats. Pull your body up until you thumbs touch the side of your chest. Control to starting position and repeat. 

Do 3-5 sets of 15

TIP: Externally rotate your shoulders as you pull (turn you palms up slightly as you pull).  This will create a more natural line of pull and increases range of motion in the row." 


STEP #6 TRX ROW "Hang on the TRX at about 30-45 degree... Read More

Nina Agdal