Ben Pundole

Ben Pundole

Founder & Editor-in-Chief,; VP of Brand Experience, Edition Hotels. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

As we gear up for a September full of non-stop travel (fashion week, in case you’ve missed all the digitally exclamatory ‘it’s coming!!’ material), we’ve been taking stock of our travel intel, from how to avoid “airplane skin” to actually getting the most out of our trips. With that in mind, we couldn’t not look up our friend Ben Pundole for some inspiration. Maybe you recognize Pundole for his tips on getting the best out of London, or from his advice on how to spend a Saturday in his home borough of Brooklyn, or maybe just from his 40th birthday part coverage on (casual). On top of running A Hotel Life (our personal resource for all travel fantasy material), he’s also the VP of Brand Experience for burgeoning designer hospitality chain, Edition Hotels—so in case you weren’t already convinced, he knows a thing or two about travelling in, well, style.

We felt pretty lucky then that a recent trip to New York coincided with a rare moment that Pundole was actually at home for a few days. And while our apartments tend to turn into shells of their former selves (so to speak) when we’re out of the country for more than a few days (laundry piles up, cupboards are empty save for a rare package of dry ramen and there’s enough miniature toiletries to ever need the services of your local CVS again), Pundole’s was about as curated as the hotels he oversees. Then again, we guess traveling the world bags him a good number of keepsakes, from a Union Jack needlepoint pillow to crocodile nutcrackers and a model ship from Montauk.

And we have admit that Pundole has picked up a dapper personal style to match his globetrotting ways (recent trips include Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup, where he kicked it with the Fat Radish team at their pop up clubhouse, Bangkok, Miami and Austin, to name just a few). From a vintage tuxedo jacket to a quilted Barbour vest and bandanas he wears as neck scarves, Pundole described his style best as “half flea market, half Rag & Bone.” The best nugget came with his style advice when boarding a plane, however. “Never, ever stoop to sweatpants,” he counseled (please do us the courtesy of imagining this in his inimitable London-born English accent). “Have some dignity.” We’re officially getting rid of ours at the risk of running into Pundole on our next trans-Atlantic flight. That said, the man himself is rocking the aforementioned tails at Burning Man as you read this, so really, if you can pull it off, anything goes.