Eleonora Carisi

Eleonora Carisi

Blogger, JouJouVilleroy; Owner, You You Store; Journalist, Grazia Italia; Designer. New York

She has a penchant for pastels, is covered in unexpected ink, possesses this studied, yet entirely new take on street style and has a mean outerwear (and shoe!) game. We're also willing to bet you've spotted her (likely due to her one-time lavender ombre'd locks) during a sartorially-existential ("I need to throw out everything in my closet, like, immediately") Pinterest deep dive or two. Oh, and chances are you have the same name popping up on your most-recently-searched toolbar, too. Don't believe us? As the Italian blogger, concept-storeowner and street style impressario told us herself, "The last thing I Googled? Eleonora Carisi, clearly."

We first met up with Carisi at the height of New York Fashion Week, where, after a day spent being chased by the street style-razzi, she welcomed us into her suite at the Mondrian SoHo. As expected, the stash Carisi had flown in with from Turin didn't exactly disappoint: from a printed midi-length Suno frock and classic black Nike kicks to her chain-link CHANEL booties, bejeweled velvet Miu Miu loafers and an Anna Dello Russo-worthy stash of sunnies, we watched with increasing amazement as she pulled each piece she pulled out of her suitcase. As it turns out, Carisi's notorious fixation with softly hued shades extends to her wardrobe, too—we swear she pretty much pioneered the whole petal pink preoccupation that's been dominating runways as of late. Just take a peek at her pastel Moschino coat, throwback satin Prada sandals or bubblegum Alexander Wang pumps if you really need further proof.

If there's one thing that influences Carisi's sartorial identity the most, though, it's her heritage. As she told us via a distinctly Italian analogy, "Italian fashion stands out thanks to its chic taste and elegance with a special inclination for the quality of fabrics and materials. Another strong point is the research of details and Italian manpower. Just add a smidgen of typical Southern chili pepper and here it is! Just as good and unique as a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce." Or, alternately, the two women she most admires sartorially. After some careful consideration: "Anna Dello Russo and Anna Piaggi." Told you so.