Langley Fox

Illustrator & Designer. Los Angeles

Do you know The Fantastic Ms. Fox? Take five and get familiar; see: here. Done? Cool. Now allow us to elaborate…

Behind that heavy curtain of tousled bangs and wide eyes the color of milky coffee is a girl who is just. so. effortlessly. cool. It’s that brand of cool that you can’t quite pinpoint, nor explain; it’s purely innate and truly authentic. To quote ourselves: “She’s the kind of girl that can throw on a tattered vintage dress smelling of mothballs and leave everyone in her wake craving the new signature scent. Maybe not literally, but you get the picture.” She’s also the kind of girl who you spot at some cool club in a dress, shades and combat boots and immediately want to approach to find out where she got it all. (Note: The answer is probably some vintage store like Squaresville in Los Feliz, which always leaves you feeling helplessly hopeless and really resentful.)

It’s kind of that whole Maybe-she’s-born-with-it – or maybe she’s just Langley Fox? – scenario where the notion of “What’s in a name?” has a whole lot to do with it. Take a look a Fox’s family tree (Actress Mariel Hemingway is her mother, model Dree Hemingway is her sister, and the Ernest Hemingway is her great-grandfather) and suddenly the whole good genes things makes sense. But Fox is a breed all of her own.

We caught up with the cool cat (sorry, we had to drag on the lame feline joke) and her pretty kitty, Jack at her Silverlake abode, which is everything you would imagine it to be. It’s filled with a TeePee for her cat, a fireplace covered in antiques, old records, reclaimed treasures from her mom’s pad, dream catchers and, of course, an easel filled with original illustrations. As we browsed her closet, we couldn’t help but get sidetracked by her current piece of art for designer (and Cov-alum) Pamela Love and the recently finished portraits of Anna Karina, Lou Doillon and Rooney Mara. We even played dress-up with the part-time model and watched as she swapped overalls for the perfect flowy, white lace dress, making her look like a quintessential Stone Fox Bride.


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