Lynda Latner & Yael Kanter

Founder & Fashion Director, Toronto

Fashion is definitely in this family’s blood. From grandmother (we like to call her “Glam-ma”) to granddaughter, the Latner’s luxe collection of family heirlooms has withstood the test of time. Their websites, Vintage Couture and Designer Blog Shop are the Decades of the North – in fact, they’re actually pretty good pals with the vintage king, Mr. Cameron Silver. Launched in 1999 by Momma Lynda—the “bored housewife with a lot of old clothes”—Vintage Couture was an innovative platform, which allowed like-minded collectors to buy and swap stones and clothes online. The mother-daughter duo spend their days slaving away (by appointment only!) scouring the archives for their keen clientele, which include local collectors and celebs like MK & A Olsen. On top of VC, Yael is busy blogging it up on her site, “Rantings of a Shopaholic,” which curates her not-so-secret love for all things Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler and her obsession with Miu Miu bags (scroll down for further proof!) Her most recent start-up, “BeTrendMe” was founded with her hubby, Dan Kanter, who just so happens to be Justin Bieber’s Musical Director and guitarist. (Cue the screaming 13-year-old girls.) Momma Lynda's love for vintage treasures trickled down to Yael, who was rocking major labels from the womb – yeah, we carried Hermès bags to our best friend’s bat mitzvahs, too…In fact, it was Lynda, who back in '07, tapped Tommy Ton, - a little-known, streetstyle star at the time - sent him off to Europe to cover the shows and gave him the big break he needed. Today, we peek into their private showroom and “permanent collection,” which holds the rarest Chanel goods we’ve ever laid eyes on – not to mention, racks upon racks of vintage Pucci, Lanvin, Courrèges, names, names, names!


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