John Jannuzzi

Contributing Digital Editor, Lucky Magazine. New York

When your name has become so iconic it has been condensed to a single word—see: JohnJannuzzi—you know you’ve truly made it in the real world.

We’re obsessed with the man for many reasons: his Twitter dominance, his all-too-true fashion humor, and his admirable dedication to all things Michael Bastian (“There’s a really diligent store associate uptown who sends me picture messages of anything that comes into the store that he thinks I’ll like,” he told us.) We weren’t kidding. But the most important reason of all revealed itself only when we realized Jannuzzi lives directly above our favorite Thai joint, Lovely Day, in N.Y.C (which seriously threw off our cleanse… thanks!).

A sartorial social media genius at the helm of Lucky Magazine, the guy has never been afraid to tell it like it is —sucks to be one of his Twitter arch nemesis, Baked by Melissa (we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that one). After reading about his life in 140 characters, we were beyond excited to dig into his closet and check out his favorite finds for ourselves. Jannuzzi has the quintessential New York apartment: small, but filled with crazy cool SHIT —literally: the word is spelled out above his toilet. (He had to scramble the four letters at the Anthropologie register… we have a feeling the cashier already knew.)

Needless to say, we instantly gravitated toward Jannuzzi’s most prized possession: his Carven jacket. He filled us in on the insane pursuit for the jacket (we told you—the man is dedicated!): “I watched this jacket on Mr. Porter for weeks. After a while it went on sale, but I always hesitate pulling the trigger when shopping online, so I let it be. When I finally decided to get it, they had sold out. Crushed, I wandered the streets alone crying into a Starbucks cup. Salvation came from Opening Ceremony, who had apparently had it this whole time. Even though it was full price, I convinced myself that divine intervention was at work. Unluckily, it went on sale a few days later.” Guess karma can really be a bitch.


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