This Is the Worst Thing about Summer

This Is the Worst Thing about Summer

But we found a way to deal with it.

Truth bomb about to be dropped: we have a problem with summer. This problem mandates how we wear our hair, which fabrics we can wear (linen over rayon—kapeesh?), whether or not we'll walk outside to get lunch. It only worsens during *really* important scenarios, and, well, it hangs in the back of our mind till after Labor Day. The issue? Sweating. Yes, it’s natural and yes, it happens to everyone but we’ve vowed to not let it ruin another beautiful, hot day.

You will not leave a tiny puddle on the chair. You will not be photographed with darkened streaks at your bra line. You will not have to wipe droplets off your top lip. It stops here. It stops now. We’ve gathered some essential tips by way of the internet and even enlisted a pro, dermatologist Dr. Macrene Alexiades, MD, PhD., for the fool-proof ways to control and evade summer’s only problem. It’s a cruel cool summer.

Apply Where Needed

Who says deodorant can only be used under your arms? Okay, so maybe every commercial out there, BUT if it can work there, it can work in other locales. Right? While we don’t recommend swiping it on any particularly sensitive areas, it can help keep spots like the back of your neck or under your bra line cool and dry. “Look for deodorants containing aluminum chloride,” recommends Dr. Alexiades.

Mint Products

File this under: things we’ve saved on Pinterest, because it’s genius. Apply minty lotions all over your limbs for tingly and cool sensation. It’s kind of like what a pack of Dentene does for your mouth, except all over your body. Not bad.

Don’t Take the Heat

As in, avoid eating spicy food!

Plan Ahead

“Wear breathable fabrics like linen, and avoid oppressive fabrics like silk—also, avoid clothing with a silk lining! Make sure to keep your environment climate-controlled to suit your needs, and choose your lunch spot or restaurant wisely; make sure it’s air conditioned and easily accessible by car or within a very short walk. As for other lifestyle changes that are harder to control, try deep breathing and meditation to decrease stress-induced sweating,” says Dr. Alexiades.

Over-the-Counter Options

“My favorite [treatment] is Certain Dri,” recommends Dr. Alexiades. “You use it a couple of nights in a row before an event, and you are dry in time for the occasion [Ed note: this shit works]. Alternatively, you can get a prescription for Drysol [Ed note: If you’re Canadian you can get it at your local pharmacy sans Dr. note], which is the same active of aluminum chloride that shuts down the sweat glands temporarily.”

If You Need Some Extra (Professional) Help

“Botox in the underarms works extremely well to control perspiration for up to nine months,” she says. “I have not had patients complain of compensatory sweating elsewhere but it is a possible outcome, so be prepared for that—for example increased sweating on the palms. At least that doesn’t stain your clothes, which is a great cause of embarrassment!”

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