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Need a One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gift? Try This Personalized Present

For when you need something truly special. In collaboration with Woodford Reserve.

Gift Guide
Need a One-of-a-Kind Holiday Gift? Try This Personalized Present

There’s a good reason gifting is so often referred to as art, not science—when every recipient and relationship is unique, there is no formula that strikes the perfect balance between considerate and practical, not every time. There are, however, a select few things that make classic, timeless gifts for any occasion. A high-quality bottle of bourbon is one of them. If you’re in need of suggestions, Woodford Reserve’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey is about as top-shelf as you can get.

Crafted at the center of America’s whiskey heartland in Versailles, Kentucky in a distillery that dates back to 1812 and is a National Historic Landmark, Woodford Reserve’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a perfectly balanced taste that’s the result of thoughtful, time-tested consideration across the production process. From the selection of grains and the naturally limestone-filtered water in the recipe to the lengthened fermentation period and batched distillation in copper pot and column stills, Woodford’s master distillers ensure that every drop in every bottle meets its high standards for quality and flavor. Woodford even builds and chars the white oak barrels that its whiskey ages in at its own cooperage.

The outcome of such a carefully managed process is a bourbon that includes over 200 flavor notes, from malt, rye, almond, oak, and hazelnut to apricot, orange, anise, and butterscotch. These notes work in harmony with one another to create an unmatched drinking experience that’s complex and enjoyable from nose to finish. It’s no wonder that Woodford Reserve’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey has won 13 gold medal spirits awards and continues to gain worldwide acclaim.

As if Woodford’s bourbon didn’t have enough care and attention imbued in it to serve as a luxurious gift already, the whiskey maker adds another level of thoughtfulness that’s perfect for holiday gifting by offering personalized labels to go with every bottle. The labels allow you to add a custom note and date to mark the occasion and remind the recipient of it every time they pick up the bottle, turning it into a one-of-a-kind keepsake, even once it’s empty.

Of course, you can always tick your whiskey gifting up another notch by bringing a second bottle to the occasion, and Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey makes for a suitable complement to the bourbon. The award-winning spirit is twice-aged in new, white-oak barrels, creating a smooth, full-bodied drink with a long finish. The rye too is available with one of Woodford’s personalized bottle labels for an additional thoughtful finishing touch.

Given together or on their own, these whiskeys provide twin perspectives on the tradition of American whiskey that Woodford Reserve has dedicated itself to for more than 200 years. While a bottle of bourbon or rye can be boxed and wrapped, these particular spirits are more akin to experiences than objects, and to be able to share that with someone in your life is no small thing.


Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Whiskey, 43.2%-45.2% ABV., The Woodford Reserve Distillery, Versailles, KY. Woodford Reserve is a registered trademark. ©2022 Brown-Forman.

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