The Prada Bag One Editor Is Saving All Her Money For

The Prada Bag One Editor Is Saving All Her Money For

In Prada we trust.

I know my money is going somewhere each month, sadly that’s life on the ever expansive island of Manhattan—but this whole Living off Ramen series made me take another look at my finances in an attempt to cut out the small expenses that add up. Like morning coffees, Sweetgreen salads and Ubers. Once I nix those things, however, there’s not many other mindless spending habits I can give up in the name of fashion besides my absurdly high rent (but like, I need somewhere to sleep). Instead I’m focusing on saving more. And since saving is as hard to measure as my New Years Eve resolution to “workout more,” I enlisted the digital help of Albert, a finance app I probably found via a cleverly placed ad on social media. Essentially you set an amount—$20, $50, whatever—and it automatically takes it out of your account every week. Without even noticing, I’ve saved up a couple hundred dollars, which isn’t much now, but when it all adds up in a few months, I know exactly what I’ll be spending it all on: this Prada bag in a can’t-quit-it shade of fire engine red. Go finance!


28 weeks of Albert Saving at $50 Per Week = 1 Prada Shoulder Bag at $1,435

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