The One That Got Away

All the things we didn't buy but wish we had.

the one that got away

As editors in the fashion space, it’s our role to know what’s new and next in the industry. While we love our jobs, they can be hazardous—it’s hard to cover the latest from designers without falling victim to a few fashion love affairs. In many cases, the pieces we lust after sell out immediately, or we decide to spare our wallets and wait until next season (only to regret this decision down the line). Below, our editors are reminiscing on the pieces they wish they’d purchased before it was too late—and what they’re eyeing to replace the ones that got away.

Porter Simmons, Social Media Associate

Sheer-overlay Polka-dot Dress

I’m from Chicago, and when I’m home, my mom and I sometimes make a trip to the iconic Ikram just to torture ourselves. I remember seeing this Loewe fall ‘17 dress on a mannequin and instantly falling in love, but I didn’t even bother checking the price tag. I was still in school at the time and had no right to own that dress nor did I have a reason to wear it. Nearly six years later it still haunts me—I check my resale alerts more regularly than I check Instagram. This sheer dress from Sir isn’t nearly the same, but layered over a sheer plaid turtleneck, it might just do the trick.


Embellished Leather Platform Boots

I actually own a sandal version of these studded Miu Miu platforms, and while they’re a bit wacky, they’ve definitely become an unlikely closet staple of mine. They’re comfortable and add something a little extra when I’m wearing a plain black dress. I’m dying for the bootie version for more casual looks, but they sold out in my size almost instantly. This Loewe version is definitely different, but might give the same effect.

$1,450 $1,015

Chiara Check-print Trousers

My love affair with these pants started when I saw Vogue editor Virginia Smith wearing them during fashion week a few years back, only to realize they were sold out everywhere. They are one of those pieces that really make a statement yet somehow are still versatile and wearable. A great plaid never goes out of style, and if I ever manage to get my hands on these, I’ll keep them forever. In the meantime, I’m eyeing this similar pair from Akris, which just might help me get my fix.

Akris Punto

Caroline Dunn, Associate Manager of Affiliate Partnerships & Content Strategy

90’s Vintage Leather Jacket

After three years, I still have not forgotten about the chocolate brown leather bomber jacket that I left behind in a Paris vintage shop. It was just the right amount of oversized and perfectly worn in, and I still fantasize about the ways that I could style it to this day. I was deterred by a friend who felt that the jacket wasn’t worth the 30 euro price tag because the brand wasn’t of note, and I have held onto the lesson that sometimes the quality of an unknown brand makes a vintage piece even cooler ever since. I hope that by now an ultra-chic French woman has given this jacket a loving home, and I will always look out for it in the background of Emily in Paris.


Interlocking CC Logo Leather Sandals

A classic TheRealReal tragedy, I regret not buying the monochromatic ivory CHANEL wedges that I had in my cart at one point. Though not a general fan of wedges, I saw this particular pair as understated and versatile, giving off an “I don’t care that wedges are not currently in” feeling of timelessness. I do believe that I will track them down someday!


Sophia Leather Penny Loafers

A more recent but nonetheless disappointing IRL thrift story, I tried on a pair of loafers at my local HousingWorks and didn’t realize how badly I needed them until the next day, only to return to the store and find that they were gone. They were in amazing condition and fit like a glove, and at $20, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I didn’t immediately snag them. Another valuable thrifting lesson that I learned the hard way. RIP.

Cole Haan
$130 $90

Camille Freestone, Associate Style Editor

Twiggy Silver Mary Janes

Roughly two years ago, I decided against purchasing the perfect pair of Carel Paris metallic silver Mary Janes at an Upper East Side consignment store—and they were only $100. Regretting my decision, I went back the next day and they were already gone. Of course, I’ve grown even more fond of the Mary Jane silhouette ever since, so I kick myself every time I recount that experience. Especially since they no longer offer that exact model and definitely not in that price range.


Printed Knee-length Skirt

I would say roughly half my vintage/resale money spent goes toward either Prada or Miu Miu—what can I say, Miuccia just gets me. At another Upper East Side consignment store (across the street from the previous mentioned spot), I left this one in the dressing room after exercising my wallet a bit too strongly one day. I still regret it, especially seeing the way Prada styled mid-length skirts in that era’s runway shows. Now, I just have to wait until it resurfaces on a resale website in my size.

$165 $83

Mesh Skirt

I’m from Dallas and my secret weapon is the Neiman Marcus Last Call just outside the city. Did you know Nieman’s own Bergdorf’s? I’ve never seen better deals on more beautiful items in my whole life. The year after I graduated, I tried on this chainmail mid-length Paco Rabbane skirt that was gathered at the hip with a little floral motif and fit perfectly. Though the ~$300 price tag now makes me gawk, at the time it was still ambitious—especially since I had already accumulated quite the loot that day. A once in a lifetime score, I literally can’t believe I left it in the store—hurts every time I think about it.

Paco Rabanne
$2,800 $1,960

Ama Kwarteng, Beauty Editor

Triquetra Cutout Silk-charmeuse Maxi Dress

I’ve been sifting through eBay search results for this vintage Chloé dress from the fashion house’s Phoebe Philo era for longer than I’d like to admit. Everything about it feels just right—the length, the crystal detail, the A-line silhouette. I already know what beauty look I’d pair with it (wet hair, no-makeup makeup, slathered in a rich body moisturizer); I’m just patiently waiting for the fashion gods to bless me.

Christopher Esber

Crystal-embellished Satin Slingback Pumps

These shoes came out years ago when I was a baby accessories assistant at Vogue, and I still remember my reaction when they arrived in our fashion closet. I gasped. I mean, how could you not? It took one look at the pink satin material, the metal chain, and the stiletto heel for me to fall in love. But, obviously, I couldn’t afford Prada on a meager assistant salary. By the time I could scrounge together the coins to buy these shoes, they were sold out everywhere.

Jennifer Chamandi

Rib Knit Tank Long Dress

If you look closely at this look, you’ll notice that the model’s wearing two slip dresses—there’s a floor-length one dusting the top of her wedges, and then a shorter one underneath. I want the latter option, and I know it exists because I remember seeing someone wearing it on my Tumblr feed during my senior year of high school. I know what you’re probably thinking—“Ama, why can’t you just buy any old sheer black slip dress?” Well, the answer to your question is that I don’t want just any old sheer black slip dress. I want this specific cut with a hemline that falls right above the knee, with a scoop neckline and thin spaghetti straps. Pair it with a simple black La Perla bra, and it’s perfect for a humid night in the city.

Rick Owens
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