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The Dare’s Guide to Coachella

Do: Catch Lana Del Rey. Don’t: Wear Dr. Martens.

The Dare’s Guide to Coachella
Ben Taylor

This is the first year since Obama was president that I will have Coachella fomo. Maybe it’s the current cultural obsession with 2014, the year I saw Neutral Milk Hotel play right before Lana Del Rey—the 30-year-old NMH fans making snide comments about the flower-crowned teens waiting for their queen as they fled the area after the final theremin flourish. That same year, Debbie Harry crashed the Arcade Fire set to sing a mash-up of "Heart of Glass" and "Sprawl II" (I sobbed). Or maybe it’s just that this year’s line-up is almost enticing enough to get me to camp. It’s a good mix of legacy bands like Blur, Deftones, and No Doubt; nostalgic acts from Coachella’s Tumblr heyday, including Lana, Grimes, and Tyler, The Creator; and the cool-kid artists I’ve missed when they played in New York, like Eartheater, Brutalismus 3000, and Boy Harsher.

To help prepare you for the weekend—or make you regret not springing for a ticket—The Dare (Harrison Patrick Smith) has made a playlist of songs from the artists on the lineup. If you’re there, be sure to check out his DJ set on the Do LaB stage tonight and next Friday.

Coveteur: Who are you most excited to see at Coachella this year? Who should people definitely not miss?

Harrison Patrick Smith: Lana del Rey.

Who are some lesser-known artists people should check out on the lineup?

HPS: Doja Cat.

Are you planning anything special for your Do LaB set?

HPS: Yes I will be wearing a classic black suit and tie.

Looks like Blur, Grimes, Bar Italia, and Oneohtrix Point Never all overlap—who are you choosing?

HPS: I’ve seen the first three so probably Oneohtrix. But Ice Spice is also playing.

What year in Coachella history would you most want to go back and attend?

HPS: 2006 for Daft Punk easily.

The year is 2027, your sophomore album has a Metacritic score of 91, and you’re headlining Coachella. Who are the surprise guests you bring on stage and why?

HPS: Sophomore album? I haven’t even made the first one!

Do you have any festival fashion don’ts?

HPS: I wouldn’t recommend wearing Doc Martens—but I also wouldn’t recommend wearing them outside of a festival.

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