This Marrakech Bachelorette Will Put Every Bachelorette You’ve Ever Been To to Shame

This Marrakech Bachelorette Will Put Every Bachelorette You’ve Ever Been To to Shame

Take one part palace, two parts souk shopping, three parts clubbing, and mix.

Sure, we know that a trip with all your girlfriends for your bachelorette has become standard issue—a bachelorette party is no longer just a night out with your girlfriends wearing a tacky sash. And for a lot of reasons, we’re happy about it. Especially when some bachelorette trips are as lavish as flying to Marrakech for a long weekend at a palace. Or rather, one bachelorette—that of Tara Ghazanfar, the designer and founder of bag label Tara Zadeh. Lucky for us we have an in with the bride and a couple of her bridesmaids, so they sent us some snapshots of the weekend. As with any good bachelorette, however, the best pictures are for their eyes only.

Click through to find out how you can do a jet set bachelorette just like Ghazanfar's.

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“When it comes to picking a destination, the bride should choose if you invite people from so many different places. It makes it hard to choose since one place is more or less convenient for one than it is for another. The bridesmaids might also choose because they are the ones who know the bride the best. It's something they should organize and take care of. In France, for example, it's usually a complete surprise, which is fun too. If it’s your closest friends choosing, they won’t pick something you don’t like. Either you go on a total adventure to discover a new place, or go someplace you actually know well. Regardless, you know you will have the best time because you are with all your best friends.”
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