19 Transitional Jackets for Whatever Weather Fall 2017 Gives You

19 Transitional Jackets for Whatever Weather Fall 2017 Gives You

Because you know it’s going to put you through it.

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So, it’s September and as much as it can be tempting to throw a fit that summer is over, the idea of fall is also kinda exciting. ‘Tis the season of chunky knits, leather boots, layering jackets, beanies, long scarves, and watching Hocus Pocus while clutching your pumpkin spice latte (go ahead, flaunt your basic). But proceed with caution before you do a closet overhaul and trade in all your shorts and sandals for leather pants and turtlenecks. Fall weather is fickle. It can be 50 degrees and ideal for cashmere and hot toddies, or we can end up with a lingering summer that keeps us well above 60 degrees until Thanksgiving. The worst thing is being unprepared for warmer temperatures and literally becoming this meme.

The delicate balance of dressing for the transition between summer and winter can be solved (partially at least) by outerwear. Lighter jackets, like denim or track jackets, are for the days where it still feels like summer. Something heavier, like a leather or trench, is ideal for when you try to capture that “candid” Instagram of you frolicking in the foliage that you’ve been conceptualizing since September 1. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what jackets to stock your closet with so you’re prepared for whatever weather autumn decides to give you.

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Alexander Wang

Since launching three years ago, the Wang denim collection has been super sought after. With new denim dropping every season and staples that carry over, you’ll definitely want to add Denim x AW to your closet. You can rock this boyfriend jacket anytime.

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