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The 13 Best Powder Foundations for Flawless, Oil-Free Skin

Don’t let the incoming heat ruin your beat.

While we’ve been obsessed with bringing our dry skin back to life this spring, we’ve almost overlooked the fact that summer is fast approaching, and with that comes the return of its biggest nuisance—oily skin. Symptoms include: going through a pack of blotting paper in a week’s time, every scrap of makeup melting off your face, and more pimples than usual. The quickest way to combat unwanted oil is to introduce a powder foundation into your typical beauty routine. While liquid foundation does have its pros (a larger range of finishes, full-coverage options galore, etc.), powder foundations, which usually come in a luminous or matte finish, work well with oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin because they absorb the residue collected on a sweltering day and aren’t too heavy or pore-clogging.

Don’t let the impending summer heat get the best of you—gear up for your favorite season by scooping up one of our 13 favorite powder foundations below!

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Dermablend Intense Powder Camo Medium Coverage Powder Foundation, $34

Dermablend’s Intense Powder Camo Medium Coverage Foundation is best in class. It contains high-performance pigments and is extremely buildable, no matter your desired level of coverage. It’s also designed to conceal a number of skin concerns—blemishes, oiliness, redness, blackheads, and more. It’s also super blendable.
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