This Just In: Lip Gloss Isn’t Sticky Anymore

This Just In: Lip Gloss Isn’t Sticky Anymore

As demonstrated by 12 tubes below.

We’re tempted to say that lip gloss is making a comeback! But, technically, it never really went anywhere—its formula was just revamped when we weren’t paying attention. And—big news—it isn’t all get-your-hair-stuck-in-it sticky anymore. Gunky? Nope. Shimmery, hydrating, and so, so pretty? Yes! Glistens when a sunbeam hits it? Even better! Can you tell we’re excited? From the OG glassy tubes to the sparkle-enhanced, and even the plumpers (they’re back too!), here are the glosses making up our front line.


Straight-Up Gloss

Nothing overcomplicated or fancy here. Except for the texture—velvety, smooth, not at all gloopy. Glossier just launched one following this exact MO. Just pretty, clear, straight-up glosses. Wear them over a bare lip and skip the lipstick altogether.

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M.A.C Lipglass Clear, $16


Replete with itty-bitty specks of sparkle to twinkle just so under the sun. Think iridescence. Okay, so yeah, it’s Jawbreaker, but that’s a good thing!

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CHANEL Rouge Coco Gloss, $30


Call us masochists, but we looooove the tingly feeling of a plumping lip gloss on our lips. The effect is subtle but just enough of an enhancement to make people question if you’d had fillers—in a good way.

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Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss, $33
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