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12 Hydrating Body Lotions to Get You Through Fall

Don’t let dry skin win this season.

Despite our pleas for summer to stick around a little longer, fall has officially arrived, and while we’re grateful that our daily commute now generates significantly less sweat, the reality is that our skin is about to suffer. Mainly in the moisture department, since cool, arid weather is quickly becoming an everyday reality. So if you aren’t already in the club of people who moisturize their entire body after a shower or bath, it’s time to hop aboard the hydration train with a new lotion. Whether you enjoy an ultra-decadent body butter or want a fast-absorbing formula that won’t stick to your work clothes, these are the 12 products we’re keeping on our bathroom shelves this season.

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Amlactin Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion, $16

This formula contains 12 percent alpha hydroxy acids to help remove dead skin and promote new cell growth without disrupting your skin’s natural pH (which should hover around 5.5). If you struggle with flaky or clogged skin, this is about to be your new staple moisturizer.
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