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13 Ultra-Luxe Gifts You Need to See to Believe

When there is no budget.

What would it be like to have no budget for your holiday shopping list? We can dream, you know! Which is why we made a list of all the crazy-expensive (read: luxurious) gifts that exist in the world. From watches that are just shy of $1M to gold wine stoppers and trips to Japan with Jeff Staple, these are our gifts without limits.

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Pharrell Williams x Richard Mille RM 52-05 Watch, $969,000

Oh, OK, just a watch worth almost a mil. Some specs that might mean more to you than it does to us: The dial of the watch features an astronaut design where grade 5 titanium is met with white diamonds, black sapphires, 5N gold, and grand-feu enameling. It has manual winding tourbillon movement; the baseplate of the movement features large inserts in blue aventurine glass that evoke outer space. It also has a fast-rotating barrel, winding-barrel teeth, and third-wheel pinion with central involute profile (whatever that means).
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