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14 If-Money-Was-No-Object Gift Ideas

The most expensive, exclusive, and diamond-encrusted gifts we could find.

Friends, we’ve given you a fancy little GIF(t) guide, rounded up 47 gift ideas for every budget, and even made a list (and checked it twice) of things your most chill friend would love. But now it’s time for us to ogle at the unapologetically expensive, excessive, most over-the-f*ucking-top gift ideas we could find floating around on the internet. They’re gold, carved out of precious stones, and so exclusive only a bottomless wallet can buy them. In other words, they’re fun to look at and dream about. See for yourself below.

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Valextra Leather Cabin Suitcase, $5,975

You’re going to want to make sure to splurge on priority boarding—can’t risk a checked bag. Unless you have a PJ, of course.
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Part of the series:

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