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9 New Holiday Makeup Items Already In Our Carts

This year’s theme is red hot.

I’m not really a holiday person. While friends of mine explode with warmth at the sight of corny holiday movies and pumpkin spice lattes, the one holiday tradition I can actually get down with is holiday makeup. ’Tis the season for larger-than-life eyeshadows, red lipstick, and glitter. And the parties are the perfect excuse to be creative with more than just the gifts you’re not sure your sister will even like.

The incoming holiday makeup sent to Coveteur HQ for review this year included a lot of pinks and reds—even for eye makeup. Not unlike 2017’s copper craze, a berry-tinted, ruby-hued palette is flattering and easy to pull off. Regardless of my apprehension for December, I’m choosing to see this holiday season through rose-colored glasses.

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Lancôme Le Monochromatique for Eyes, Cheeks, & Lips in Haute Couture: Lancôme’s new triple threat and one of our Coveteur Choice Awards’ nominees gives the most bang you’ll get for your buck. This cream-to-powder formula is also buildable, so you can keep it casual at Grandma’s annual Christmas Eve dinner, then pack it on for catch-up drinks with your friends back home.
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