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The Best Makeup for Halloween

Quality products that you’ll actually want to use again.

No offense to the theater majors of the world, but most of us don’t have a Ben Nye pigment kit stored away for Halloween. And truthfully, we’ve gotten to the point that we’d rather spend money on quality cosmetics that we can wear outside October 31 (or whenever you’ll be celebrating All Hallow’s Eve this year). So in the spirit of getting the most beauty bang for your buck this season, we’ve scouted the 12 products with the best color payoff or the most daring shade range—think glittery crimson or metallic turquoise—to make all your costume dreams come to life.

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Armani Fluid Master Primer, $42

First things first—a primer on Halloween is non-negotiable, especially when you’re going in heavy on the makeup look. This lightweight formula from Armani will keep your products in place without ever feeling like you’re suffocating your skin in the process.
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