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9 Hydrating Lip Masks to Save Your Skin This Winter

From overnight balms to pre-lipstick treatments.

Dry, cracked, and irritated lips are, unfortunately, one of winter’s inevitable calling cards. With low humidity levels—not to mention a heater working overtime—it often takes a few specialty products to protect and hydrate that delicate skin. Thanks to K-beauty, there are more lip masks on the market than ever before, from jelly-balm hybrids that work while you sleep, to a lip-shaped sheet mask. Do your lips a favor, and check out our nine favorite formulas below.

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Kiehl’s Buttermask for Lips, $26

No, you’re not actually spreading butter on your lips with this mask. Instead, plenty of coconut oil and wild mango butter will soften and moisturize your mouth by the time you hit snooze in the morning.
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