Romee Strijd’s Post-Coachella Plans Are Surprisingly Normal

Romee Strijd’s Post-Coachella Plans Are Surprisingly Normal

The VS Angel basically has the same to-do list as we do.

It’s pretty much impossible not to spot a Victoria’s Secret Angel when one is out and about, with their tall legginess and rock-hard abs. But at Coachella, it’s more than just genetics that make us go “Whoa.” It’s their style. Their sparkly makeup and ridiculously good hair. How they manage to nail the whole festival look—in 90-degree heat, no less!—while still setting trends that the rest of the world will follow all summer long.

That’s why we couldn’t wait to hang out with model Romee Strijd as she got ready for a day of desert dancing at the Victoria’s Secret Angel Oasis. What tips did she have to share? What did she pack for this particular getaway? And how was she going to detox after the fun, once she returned back to New York? Thankfully, she was willing to reveal between striking a few poses, of course.

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Who she was most excited to see perform:

“I was excited to see Radiohead, but overall, I was really excited to see Lady Gaga because she performed at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I think it’s super fun to be with someone onstage and then see them performing after. It’s like, ‘Hey! I was on stage with you!’ I like all the DJs too, like DJ Snake and Martin Garrix, a Dutch DJ. I’m from Holland, so we have a big DJ scene. But overall, I just like to hear music and dance.”
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