The Best Fashion Looks from Coachella and Beyond

The Best Fashion Looks from Coachella and Beyond

Think Rihanna in a full glitter bodysuit.

While we have a few nominees this week for best dressed, there is one obvious queen, and her name is Rihanna. Nobody will ever beat her glittery Gucci bodysuit. Ever. *But*, there were a few other looks that also deserve recognition this week—and here they are.

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Most Likely to Make You Want to DIY Embellish Your Entire Wardrobe: Hailey Baldwin

“I mean, come on, don’t even try to deny the fact that this outfit alone can make you fall back in love with everything that glitters. Never would I have thought to put sparkly tights with an embellished jacket and denim earrings, but hey, that’s probably why I’m not a stylist. I have Hailey’s stylist, Maeve Reilly, to thank for my new urge to DIY.” —Jodi Taylor

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@haileybaldwin
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