The Best Fashion Looks from Coachella and Beyond

The Best Fashion Looks from Coachella and Beyond

Think Rihanna in a full glitter bodysuit.

While we have a few nominees this week for best dressed, there is one obvious queen, and her name is Rihanna. Nobody will ever beat her glittery Gucci bodysuit. Ever. *But*, there were a few other looks that also deserve recognition this week—and here they are.

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Most Likely to Reinvent the Bandana/Neck Scarf Trend: Selena Gomez

“Technically Selena Gomez rocked this HVN ensemble at Coachella (where, of course, she was spotted canoodling with her boyfriend, The Weeknd—and the world went crazy). But please, try and stop me from recreating it outside of the desert once the weather warms up in NYC. I love the print, the matchy-matchiness, and I especially love that the neckcessorizing trend (yes, I made up a word) is still going strong...mostly because I’m still on board and rock a scarf with my look way too often.” —Samantha Sutton

Photo: Courtesy of Snapchat
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