D.R.A.M. On Loving Gucci Loafers & Working at Best Buy Before He Was Famous

D.R.A.M. On Loving Gucci Loafers & Working at Best Buy Before He Was Famous

We walked his dog at Coachella and talked The Sound of Music (plus, how he keeps his energy up).

Arriving in style—pink joggers, Gucci loafers, an equally well-dressed goldendoodle, Idnit, by his side—hip-hop artist D.R.A.M. seemed on top of the world. And, perhaps, he was: the musician was still celebrating his first major Coachella performance from the night before—another milestone met after his hit song, “Broccoli,” went five-times platinum—and while the rest of Palm Springs likely slept in that Saturday, he was wired. D.R.A.M. seemed ready to take on the day, along with whatever else the world had to offer (and honestly, it was infectious).

As we walked down the road outside his hotel—sun blazing, heat rising—we wanted—no, needed—to hear everything. How did it feel out there, in front that crazy festival crowd? What was coming up next (aside from his new song, “Gilligan,” with A$AP Rocky and Juicy J)? And hey, wasn’t he working at Best Buy before making it big? Luckily, D.R.A.M. was more than happy to answer our questions....and sing a little something from The Sound of Music, too. 

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How he describes his style:

“It’s loose, it’s plush, it’s Big Baby. As long as I feel good, then I’m going to look good. You gotta sell it first, you feel me? If I don’t sell it to myself in the mirror, I can’t sell it to the rest of the world, so I just got to sell it first. Are you going to buy it? I can look in your eyes, and you already bought it.”
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