How to Plant Your Own Beauty Cabinet

Watch Lily Kwong grow a garden with serious benefits.

We love beauty products. It’s a fact pretty obviously demonstrated by the endless packages we have arriving at TC HQ and our subsequent quest to figure out exactly what will make our skin glow and how we can execute the ideal lip liner situation. And we love everything about them: the luxurious, weighty packaging and the creamy textures. BUT if we could make it all ourselves and get the same results? Well, just think of the satisfaction (and the saved $$$).

 So, when Lily Kwong (who’s pretty much become our resident horticulturist at this point) told us she was doing a day of planting on a penthouse terrace next to New York’s Highline, we decided there were worse ways to spend the day and visited her. And, along with learning some handy tricks for planting miniature pots (it’s all we can fit on our fire escape), she told us not only how to make your own beauty products, but that you can actually plant them, too. And here we were thinking the most beneficial thing you could get out of a planter was a couple sad leaves of mint and some chives. Just press play.


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