Pastel Power

Pastel Power

Dreamy rainbow unicorn hair can be yours—stylist Sally Lyndley tells us how.

"I originally started doing the crazy colors because I wanted to grow out my bleach blonde. I have been white blonde since 2006, and my hair was so damaged and broken. I realized the ultimate luxury was not having to go to the salon every month for my roots, as well as to have healthy hair. I decided that doing the pastel colors would make the roots/growing out process waaay less trashy and way more fun.

The initial pink I did first was done by my best friend Alan Eschenburg, whom owns the hair care company Belengenza. I go to his homes in New York, California and Texas to get my color and cut done, usually. The Manic Panic washes out in a month so he taught me how to do the fun colors myself. There are three pieces of turquoise in my hair now, all near my face, so I can do it myself with foils before I dye the rest one color— either lavender, pink, yellow, orange or blue. I love Alan to touch up the color every six weeks, because he is so much better than it at me. We're trying tie-dye next.

It takes about an hour from foils of the three sections that go a contrast color, to application of the main color, to process to shampoo. It comes out quickly—30 days—because I go into the ocean so much.

I love Manic Panic because it's basically a conditioner and it comes out, so my ADHD is satisfied by constantly getting to change the color. I also add the Pearlizer mix by Manic Panic with the main color I'm doing—the lavender here is called Ultra Violet—to keep the color from going [too] dark.

The color was inspired by My Little Pony. I literally went to Toys R' Us for a whole bunch of ponies and then Googled Care Bears. That's how I came up with combinations. Before the pastel My Little Pony colors, I was having a Darryl-Hannah-in-Splash mermaid moment. And before that, a Donatella Versace moment.

Grow Out Nutrient Scalp Spray and Shampoo, my hair has grown six inches in six months, which is unheard of. I also swear by coconut oil. I put tons of it in my hair before I go into the ocean or pool now. It makes my colored hair even more vibrant. It's amazing.

Pastel is fun, but be prepared to be blatantly stared at. Mostly from kids who just stare and point, that always makes me happy. And [be prepared] for people who love to go to Burning Man to talk to you about how much they love your hair. I have been invited by total strangers to several weird swinger parties with old Burning Man attendees since I went the way of the rainbow. For some reason, unicorn color attracts older men who love 'artsy' girls. Weird but true..."

—as told by Sally Lyndley to The Coveteur at Sofitel Los Angeles

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