These Are Our Favorite Beauty Looks from the Oscars

These Are Our Favorite Beauty Looks from the Oscars

Smoky Eyes and Sparkly Gowns!

The 89th Academy Awards is finally here, and while most people are anxiously awaiting the Best Picture announcement, were out here watching the red carpet on multiple screens, giving ourselves a self-induced sugar high on Sour Patch Kids and caramel popcorn, all while simultaneously live-Tweeting memes from our phones and analyzing every sequin and smoky eye that goes down the carpet. And while there was a ton of vintage old-Hollywood glamour (because, duh, it’s the Oscars), there were also some extra extra touches, like a lavender eye and inky black bob, that caught our eye. So while you cross your fingers for Moonlight’s win, click through the slideshow for some awards-season makeup porn and then go see the gowns that gave us all the feels.


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Hailee Steinfeld

“Beyond” is all the E! red carpet anchors could say about Steinfeld’s fresh makeup…and they are 100% accurate. The heavy eye shadow and brow with glossy lips is young, modern, romantic, pretty, all the things!

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