Here’s How to Recreate Ashley Smith’s Halloween Costume

Here’s How to Recreate Ashley Smith’s Halloween Costume

From model to “succubus.”

We can count on one hand the number of professional models we know who would self-describe their Halloween costume as succubus. And by “count on one hand” what we really mean is only Ashley Smith could, and would. And did, as learned when we assembled at her place while she got ready for a weekend full of festivities. “Every year I’m a specific thing, like a character from a movie; there’s not a lot of room to play around with the character. This year, I wanted to do something fun like a devil, succubus, so I had some room to play. I mean, I told everyone I was a succubus last night,” she laughed.

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As for the actual costume? Turns out Smith is all about a no-muss, no-fuss process—one last-minute shoppers will likely appreciate, too. “Im wearing a spiky corset I got from goth store Gothic Renaissance, next to Halloween Adventure on 11th Street. I got the boots, wig, lashes, nails, gloves, and pretty much everything else on Amazon Prime.” So, one part holdover from your teen goth years, one part same-day delivery? We could do that. “The underwear was Agent Provocateur.” One part fancy adult woman? That, too.

The beauty look was industry-grade (and stuff you’d likely find lurking in your vanity, too). “The pink eye shadow is CHANEL in Palpitation, and Urban Decay shadow primer to make the pink really pop. The lashes from Amazon were pretty important as well. I used black eye shadow for my contour.”


While this year’s look was pretty spectacular, it’s a slightly turned-down look, given what Smith’s used to. “Last year I was Princess Bubblegum from the TV show Adventure Time. My boyfriend was Finn the Human. I bought a very fancy latex dress from Siren, a brand based out of L.A., so I really looked like Bubblegum. My whole body was painted pink, I had blacked-out contacts to make it look like I had cartoon eyes.” But even like the, er, slightly less dedicated amongst us, when the 31st rolls around, Smith has an easy(ish) backup costume on deck, too: “I always have Little Dead Riding Hood. You just have the hood, and do makeup like you’ve been attacked by the Big Bad Wolf.”

As for Smith’s plans tonight and her Halloween candy of choice? “I love Sour Patch Kids, any sour gummy candy. I love Candy Corn. I forget about it every year, and I see it in the store and I’m like, ‘Ugh!’ Monday night, I might go to Heidi Klum’s thing. I might spend the day at my boyfriend’s parents’ house—he dresses up really crazy and scares the kids. All the neighborhood kids stop by. We’ll pass out candy and stuff.” Ideal Halloween plans = achieved.


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