Remaking a Fashion Faux Pas One Jewelry Piece at a Time

Why stick with just one precious metal?

mixed metal jewelry

We’ve all heard the age-old rule to never mix metals. There are conversations floating around all the time about the pros of silver vs. gold—heck, I’ve weighed in on it too. I would clearly state “oh, I like gold more,” as I wear three dainty silver necklaces. In year's past, the concept of mixing metals has been challenged but in truth, mixing metals gives you a bit more room for creativity. It's simply so versatile, it can be dressed up or down and bring a personalized touch to any look.

Overdoing and bad combinations can lead to—truth be told—an unfavorable result. But like any trend, it’s a learning process—baby steps and together we’ll shine. Here are some tips and tricks for your mixed metal journey.


Match styles with your gold and silver pieces so nothing is clashing for the limelight. If you prefer silver, slowly incorporate in some gold, and vice versa. Slowly but surely, you’ll find a combination that works for you.

Layering Pieces

Layering and stacking pieces gives you freedom to wear whatever jewelry you like—it’s fun to pick and choose and have the freedom to really express.

Gemstones and Pendants

These are great ways to bridge your pieces together, and add to the overall look. Birthstones and zodiac pedants are also perfect to add some color.

Mixed Metal Pieces

Easiest way to approach mixed metals are pieces that are already mixed! Wear as a standalone or pair your gold and silver pieces with it.

Giulia Hoops

Ana Luisa

Disco Necklace

Serendipitous Project

Crossover Ring

David Yurman

Silver & Gold Jean Bracelet

Justine Clenquet
$65 $36
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