An Exclusive Look Inside the Studio of London’s Buzziest Designer

An Exclusive Look Inside the Studio of London’s Buzziest Designer

We got a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Charlotte Simone AW17 collection.

Fall and winter mean wrapping brightly colored scarves around our necks and wearing as many layers as we can at once. Which is why we cant get enough of Charlotte Beecham, the London-based designer who makes the most whimsical (read: cozy), fluffy and colorful fur scarves, jackets, and hats for her brand, Charlotte Simone

Today marks the launch of the Charlotte Simone AW17 collection‚ what Beecham describes as “an ode to the ’90s, inspired by my childhood memorabilia and ’90s sitcoms. Look out for fuzzy bucket hats, berets, zangy stripes and slap-on bracelets. This season brings back rainbow brights—no dull shades, no neutrals. The color palette is full of zest and fluffy fun!” Like we said, this isnt your grey-and-cream turtleneck brand, and we love it. Beecham gave us behind-the-scenes photos from the making of the collection, so we could see it all come together. Scroll through the gallery below and prepare to be counting down the days to cold weather. Yes, were serious. 

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“This was an amazing moment captured before the AW17 Showcase. Nothing compares to the feeling of opening your latest collection to the world for the first time!”
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