Singer Joy Crookes Only Buys Clothes That “Scream at Her”
Photo (R): Courtesy of Joy Crookes
Literally The Best

Singer Joy Crookes Only Buys Clothes That “Scream at Her”

She thinks Camper Kobarah sandals and Vivienne Westwood necklaces are must-haves.

When discussing our own wardrobe and style essentials, Coveteur staffers found their feelings could often be summed up with the phrase, “It’s literally the best...white T-shirt, pair of jeans, drugstore find, etc.” So, in our series, fittingly titled "Literally the Best," we’re asking industry insiders to reveal the style essentials they turn to over and over again and simply can’t live without.

Joy Crookes's rich, soulful music tells a story. Her lyrics address subjects from heartbreak to her Bandgladeshi heritage. It’s fitting she would then present herself as a character. “I used to try and do one thing and now I just feel like it really comes down to the day and what I'm trying to express or say in the way that I dress,” the musician tells Coveteur. Those characters come to fruition through pieces ranging from metallic breast plates to Free People sunglasses. Below, the budding sensation walks us through the wardrobe essentials she can’t live without.

Photo: Courtesy of Joy Crookes

An admittedly difficult question, but how would you roughly describe your style? What are the outfits you’re wearing on a day-to-day basis?

“I always try to be a character, not necessarily in a specific way, like, 'Oh, I'm a character from this film,' but a character of my everyday self. As people, we are so multifaceted. I used to try and do one thing and now I just feel like it really comes down to the day and what I'm trying to express or say in the way that I dress. Even if I'm going for something super casual, I always try to be as expressible as possible.”

Whether it’s style or fit or sustainability, what are the things you look for when purchasing a piece of clothing or an accessory?

“I like vintage. I like designer as well, but more so vintage designers. I'm not a fast fashion girl. I'm also Bangladeshi, so fast fashion is a real problem where I'm from. I look for pieces that scream at me. A lot of things flirt with me, but few things scream at me. The thing that's screaming [at me] is the thing I end up buying.”

Shop Crookes's Essentials:

Bomber with Bustier Details

“I have a bustier corset bomber jacket that's black. It's like a normal black bomber jacket, but has a corset detail in kind of a Jean Paul Gaultier style. It's super casual, but super striking. I've never seen anything like it.”

Dolce and Gabbana
$1919 $1355

White Lucrece Necklace

“I wear this Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace all the time.”

Vivienne Westwood

Layers of Divinity

“These rings by Bhavya Ramesh I wear all the time. Bhavya Ramesh is my favorite jewelry [designer].”

Bhavya Ramesh

Lu Goldie Delphine Sunglasses

“I can't take these off right now. These are Free People glasses that you can wear day and night because the tint is really light. They make gray, ugly London look better.”

Free People

Kobarah Slingback Sandal

“I love Camper’s obarah sandals. They're amazing. I love ugly shoes. And they're really ugly, but in a really beautiful way. They fit beautifully. When you look at them, you kind of think oh, you're weird. And then you put them on and you realize they are really special. And they're super lightweight. I love Camper in general as a brand.”


Basic Tank Long White

“I always have a vest [tank top]. There's an Orseund Iris vest I have that I love. Their vest makes my boobs look so fashion—it's great. I love a good vest.”

Orseund Iris
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