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The Weekender: A Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Prepare for adventure, art, fabulous Western fashion, and even better food.

The Weekender
The Weekender: A Guide to Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Photo: George Frey/Getty

Welcome to The Weekender, Coveteur’s travel series where seasoned globetrotters share their insider guides to top destinations across the world. Read on for the best spots to eat, stay, and enjoy.

As a self-proclaimed sun-chaser, I must admit that Jackson, Wyoming, was not previously on my shortlist of destinations to head to in the dead of winter. Having never skied a day in my life, I believed a town known for winter sports and its proximity to the famed Teton Mountains would be lost on me. You can probably tell where this is going (especially if you’re one of the people in my life who had to listen to all of my stories from this trip for weeks on end). I recently had the chance to spend a weekend at Jackson’s premier boutique accommodation, the Anvil Hotel, and have not stopped talking about Jackson, Wyoming, ever since. With an open mind, I embarked on what would turn out to be an iconic weekend of adventure, art, fabulous Western fashion, and even better food in the heart of the American West.

Where To Stay

Anvil Hotel

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

Just outside of the town square in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, sits the understated yet visually intriguing Anvil Hotel. While the property may initially appear unassuming, the modern but subtle details of the richly hued paint job and glossy sign allow the hotel to blend into its surroundings and stay true to the history of the town. Developed by visionary hotelier Erik Warner, Anvil Hotel exceeded all expectations that I had for a stay in Wyoming.

It quickly became apparent that the core principles of culture and community are at the heart of everything that the Anvil Hotel and the other properties under the Eagle Point Hotel Partners portfolio do. The staff is both welcoming and dedicated, and the relatively small size of the hotel never affects the constant level of service available to all guests. When speaking with Brian Gorman, the creative strategist behind the development of Eagle Point’s programming, the passion that both he and Erik have for what is being created at each hotel is palpable. Anvil aims to give guests the chance to be immersed in the local culture and community of the city while also offering programming with a deeper connection to the arts in a chic and comfortable setting.

While visitors to Jackson have the choice to support one of the nationwide hotel conglomerates present nearby, a stay at the Anvil offers guests the experience of true immersion and carefully curated programming, unlike any hotel that I had experienced prior. The care of Anvil’s staff was injected into all aspects of our stay, and some of our best restaurant and shopping tips came from their local point of view.


What To Do

Events at Anvil Hotel

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

Kulture Collective is designed to bring an element of cultural and artistic engagement into guests’ stay on its properties by way of events and conversations, like its Jackson-based Uncommon Art residency program. I had the true pleasure of enjoying my weekend-long stay at the hotel at the same time as two Kulture Collective members: Brendan Fernandes and Dan Madison Savage.

Fernandes, an internationally recognized visual and performance artist, spoke as a part of the Collective’s Fireside Talk series, a program that is available to any and all visitors to Anvil Hotel and nearby Alpine House and Cache House properties. Fernandes mirrored the hotel’s ethos when sharing the ways that the many communities he’s been a part of, including the queer, ballet, and art communities, have served as major influences to his life.

Savage, a writer and film director, shared the positive impact that the tranquility of working from a place like Anvil Hotel and the nearby Teton Arts Center, a partner of Anvil, had on his work. The opportunities for Anvil’s guests to engage with members of Kulture Collective was a huge drawing point for me and another standout aspect of the Anvil experience.

Snowmobiling With Teton Tour Co.

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

As a first-time visitor to Jackson Hole, the region’s Central Reservations site is an amazing resource for booking activities in the area. When searching for things to do as a non-skier visiting during the winter, I found that snowmobiling excursions are among the most popular. Jackson Hole Central Reservations recommends Teton Tour Co., among others, and there is a plethora of options for different tours.

My oversize fur maxi coat on a snowmobile that has been put into “sport mode” was a true sight to behold. As someone who often has to hype herself up for driving on the highway, I found myself zipping through a mountain range over a foot of snow, very often on the edge of a cliff. After combatting the initial nerves (somebody tell me how brave I was!), I found the pin-drop silence of the wilderness and the pristine blanket of snow as far as the eye could see to be profoundly beautiful and so worth it. Even more worth it was our destination of Granite Hot Springs, a natural hot spring that can reach temps as hot as 112 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter, offering a much-needed mid-excursion reprieve from the white-knuckle grip I had on that snowmobile. Who knows, I may try out a snowmobile again one day, but I’ll probably wear something chicer next time.


Shopping in Jackson Town Square

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

Of all of the ways that Jackson impressed me, the fashion and street style made the top of the list. Think luxury cowboy hats, shearling everything, and ultra-curated boutiques to rival even the most exclusive NYC neighborhoods. I recommend Onyx & Antler to find hundreds of cowboy hats or Encounter Hat Co. for a totally bespoke experience. I also brought home a few accessories from Accentuate—a Lisa Says Gah-esque shop with super-reasonable prices—and swooned at the knitwear in the more upscale Habits.

Where To Eat & Drink

Glorietta Trattoria

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

On Anvil’s property, guests will find the area’s most renowned Italian eatery, Glorietta Trattoria, known for offering a Jackson-style spin on the classics with dishes like Elk Bolognese and Bison Tartare. (Needless to say, I experienced a lot of firsts on this trip.) The chic interiors and super-friendly staff cultivated the perfect vibe for the several meals that we had the pleasure of enjoying at Glorietta. I would definitely recommend booking in advance. Don’t miss the Aperol Spritz!



Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

I will truly never forget the Grown-Up Grilled Cheese from Persephone complete with bacon, goat cheese, and gruyere with a side of tomato soup. This bakery-cafe offers a super-cozy reprieve from the chilly Jackson temps and serves as the perfect lunch spot after a morning of snowmobiling or perusing the nearby shops. Persephone also has a selection of kitchen and home products, and there’s nothing better than a souvenir that you’ll actually use.

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Photo: Courtesy of Caroline Dunn

I’m pretty sure that this is a Jackson rite of passage. I happened to have the pleasure of experiencing Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on a night headlined by the “Cowboy DJ” and enjoyed a very reasonably priced drink under the watchful eyes of multiple taxidermy creatures. New York City could never!

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